Villa Pehuenia Ski Resort

Patagonia Argentina holds secrets that even many Argentines don’t known. There are places where sustainable projects and amazing landscapes meet, like the Villa Pehuenia Ski Resort in Neuquen, Argentina. We love sharing this kind of projects and locations that we know are a treasure of our country.


Villa Pehuenia Ski Resort “Batea Mahuida”, located 370 kilometers from Neuquén; is a ski resort that belongs to the Mapuche community Puel. Since the volcano “Batea Mahuida” went out, a lagoon was formed in its crater near which the “Mapuches” were installed. Its name means “high source”. One objective of this ski resort is the conservation of the area and the customs of the Aboriginal community who is in charge of this project.

This is part of the story: Colonel Abel Balda, an expert Antarctic mountaineer and ski instructor, was the creator of the ski center Caviahue and the Snow Park Cerro Wayle by means of the Caviahue SA Park company. Balda at the request of the Mapuche projected and helped the community to create this Snow Park.


Something we love about this ski center is that you can ski and also make other activities. It offers several services and their rates are very affordable, it is not a ski resort for crowds and that makes you enjoy more. Beyond its height, about 1900 meters above sea level, the volcano has plenty early snow, which makes it very attractive to those who are ski lovers as we are. You can practice Nordic or Alpine ski.

As a result, the season is one of the longest of all, starting in June and ending in October. The slopes prepared to practice skiing are protected from the wind and have large amounts of snow. You can ski for 5 months, which makes it one of the best seasons to enjoy from the snow.


In “Batea Mahuida” you can practice Nordic and Alpine skiing, you can take snowmobile rides or snowshoe walks in the Araucaria forests. The place also has got a small cafeteria where besides eating typical meals of the region, you can also buy Mapuche weavings.

Something that really struck us is the panoramic view we have of Icalma, Villarrica and Lanin volcanoes as well as lakes Aluminé and Moquehue. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful landscapes we have enjoyed in the Patagonia Argentina.

The park has got different lifts: a 600-meter T-Bar, a 200-meter Poma. In addition, it offers rental equipment (ski, boots, poles, skates, etc.), snowmobiles, dog sledding track, cafeteria and restaurant, first aid room, ski patrol service, kiosk and free parking.


We invite you to visit this wonderful destination and enjoy the snow and the landscape Villa Pehuenia offers.

As you see, there are a lot of things to do in Argentina Patagonia. If you need further assistance about Villa Pehuenia Ski Resort you can contact your personal Kallpa Executive or simply leave a message in our contact form. We’ll be happy to assist you!.


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