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A new dining dome with an updated menu, perfect to complement visits to the Park and recharge energy after activities in contact with nature.

The Tierra del Fuego National Park is located in the southwest corner of the homonymous island, on the Beagle Channel and next to the city of Ushuaia. It preserves about 70,000 hectares of Patagonian forests that invite you to enjoy hikes in contact with virgin nature.

Recently, a new dining dome was inaugurated, with more space and better amenities so that passengers who join Canal Fun half or full-day trekking and canoes excursions can enjoy them.

The menu, also renovated, includes healthy options that are better suited to the most frequent dietary restrictions, while maintaining dedication and attention to detail.

With a privileged view of the Lapataia River and the Condor Hill, passengers enjoy the new lunch place in a warm and relaxed atmosphere, before continuing to discover the wonders of Tierra del Fuego National Park by expert guides.

We invite you to visit the dome! Ask your Kallpa executive for half-day or full-day Canal Fun excursions that include lunch at the new facilities.



Visit the end of the world in Argentina! Delight yourself with a sea lunch and sail the Beagle Canal like a Fueguian sailor, while watching the sea lions and penguins.

In the morning, a 4×4 vehicle picks us up at the hotel and we leave Ushuaia crossing valleys, rivers and mountains until we reach the “Ruta de la Centolla” – King Crab Route. This rural tourism corridor was born just in 2017 and leads to Puerto Almanza, literally the last inhabited corner of Argentina located 70 kilometers from Ushuaia. A few families live here and wish to make known the work of the fishermen in the area, dedicated to the fishing of king crabs, spider crabs, trout and mussels.

The King Crab Route takes us to a refuge in the forest; a cabin surrounded by 500-year-old lenga trees and with a spectacular view to the Cornú Hill and Glacier. Here we learn about the ways and lifestyle of the local community, tasting homemade marmalades and pastries accompanied by our typical mate, coffee and tea.

After this first cultural encounter, we leave the cabin behind to go to Victoria Lagoon, in which Patagonian trout abound and from where we can see Andean condor nests. We continue our way into the Harberton Ranch lands. The route follows the Lasifashaj river, offering access to its waters with very picturesque landscapes, and takes us to the Beagle Canal to a point on Navarino Island from where you can see Gable Island and Puerto Williams in Chile.

During the excursion there are many chances to see some small animals such as foxes and muskrats, as well as different types of birds such as witch herons, ruddy-headed gooses, buff-necked ibis, white herons, kingfishers and woodpeckers.

Finally we arrive in Puerto Almanza, where we find the southernmost fishing port in Argentina. Here we embark on another adventure: we board a small boat in search of an impressive colony of sea lions, then continue sailing to the Martillo Island where we will have a close encounter with Magellanic penguins in their natural habitat.

After experiencing nature in all its splendor, we return to the port for a full lunch with fresh spider crab and fish from the Canal, cooked by local fishermen. We will enjoy a pleasant talk and delight in this exquisite seafood while admiring the waters of the Beagle Canal.


  • Operates every day.
  • Duration: Full day – 8 hours.
  • Pick up time: 8:30 am
  • Min. 2 pax.
  • Includes: Spanish/English bilingual guide. Roundtrip transfers In 4×4 vehicle. Three-step sea lunch (entry: natural spider crab, main course: tray with a variety of fish from the Canal, dessert, coffee, non-alcoholic beverages).
  • Not included: Tips or other personal extra costs.
  • We recommend wearing waterproof clothing, coat and shoes.
  • Optional with extra cost: Trekking to Lasifashaj Waterfall after the navigation.


A walk among Penguins

There are few Magellanic Penguins colonies in Patagonia and one of them – the only one in Tierra del Fuego – can be found close to the oldest estancia in this province.

This full day adventure begins at Ushuaia´s town pier, where we board a board and head southeast to discover the Beagle Channel and finally arrive to Estancia Harberton, located 90 km away from the city.

Beagle Channel cruise observing Sea Lion colony, Ushuaia, Tierra Del Fuego, Patagonia, Argentina
Sea Lions Island

The channel´s natural surrounding offers a mountainous landscape and a few islands that we can see from a short distance. On the way, we stop at the Birds´ Island where it is possible to spot a colony of imperial shags and other birds such as skuas, southern giant petrels and black-browed albatross. Next by, there´s the Sea Lions´ Island, where we can watch these big south american mammals relaxing one over the other.

The picture perfect moment takes place once we spot the famous Les Éclaireurs lighthouse,  also known as the lighthouse at the end of the world after the homonymous novel by Jules Verne. A curious fact: in the novel, the writer did not refer to this particular lighthouse but to the one located at the Isla de los Estados, the San Juan Salvamento.

Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse and cormorant colony on an island in the Beagle Channel, Ushuaia, Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina
Les Éclaireurs lighthouse

Finally we arrive at the pier in Estancia Harberton, which is the closest to Martillo Island. Here, we embark on a semi rigid boat to reach the penguin rookery and start the walk.

Since 1978, the estancia has been also a working natural reserve, covering over 50.000 acres of mountains, forests, lakes and islands. Martillo Island – which native name is Yécapasela – is on this territory and since 2009 has a growing colony of Magellanic and Gentoo Penguins and also rock Cormorants nesting on the cliffs to the south.

Estancia Harberton
Estancia Harberton

This island is a great habitat for these species since there are very few predators in the area, abundant food and the ground and vegetation provide adequate shelter for their nests. Every year the penguins start arriving early in October for the the annual breeding and raising season, and then leave around late March to begin their usual migration northward for more than 6 months in the sea.


By agreement, only 80 persons per day are allowed to walk on a designated trail among the Magellanic Penguins in this island, joined by a specialized guide that teaches about their habits and behavior. Today, we are one of those lucky people to walk for an hour among these curious birds and learn about them. It is a magic experience to be so close to these animals, free in their natural habitat.


Once the time for joining the penguins is up, we sail back to the estancia for lunch (not included) and also a visit to the Acatushún Museum, where a collection of over 2700 marine mammals and 2300 birds skeletons can be appreciated.

About around 3.30 pm we begin our way back to Ushuaia but this time on a minibus, driving through the Provincial Route J and the National Route 3, making a few stops on the way to see the iconic flag trees.

As the day ends and we approach thepenguins-at-martillo-island city, it is amazing to think that only a couple of hours ago we were so close to nature and one of the most loveable and funny birds ever. A once in a lifetime experience, only in Ushuaia, Argentina.

Please contact a Kallpa Tour Executive for more information about this and other tours available.


  • Daily operation from December 12th 2016 to March 31st 2017.
  • Departs at 9 am from Ushuaia´s town pier. Returns by bus at 3.30 pm and arrival at 5 pm.
  • Full day shared excursion with other guests.
  • Requested group size 8, max. 20 guests.
  • Not suitable for disabled people.


  • Beagle Channel navigation, walk in penguin rookery and return by bus to Ushuaia.
  • Entrance fee to the estancia.
  • Bilingual English/Spanish guide.
  • Port tax.


  • International/domestic flights.
  • Transfers to and from hotel to the pier.
  • Lunch and beverages.


  • Full refund in case of bad weather conditions or any other factor that exceeds the pax.
  • 48 hs in advance, 10% administrative cost.
  • Between 48 and 24 hs in advance, 50% penalty.
  • Within 24 hs, no refund.


Ushuaia Vinciguerra Glacier Trekking

We’ve arrived in Ushuaia, the southernmost city of the world. Landscapes and breathtaking views are all around us. Mountains, forests and glaciers invites us to this magnificent hike to Vinciguerra Glacier, a Trekking not to be missed. Keep reading about Ushuaia Vinciguerra Glacier Trekking.

Trekking-experience-to-Vinciguerra-Glacier-3Vinciguerra Glacier is one of the largest in Tierra del Fuego. If you had a prior experience of doing an ice trekking you know how it feels walking on the ice, it’s fascinating, watching the surrounding landscape and hearing the sound of nature. If you did not, this is a great opportunity.

Trekking-experience-to-Vinciguerra-GlacierEarly in the morning the transfer picks us up at the Hotel and leave town towards the mountains, to the starting point of the Trek. After a briefing and some safety tips we start walking on the trail, through native lenga forest. The trail goes softly near the river for the first few kilometers. And then starts to softly ascend across the forest. And all of a sudden we are above the forest and the views begin to amaze us.

Trekking-experience-to-Vinciguerra-Glacier-1 Trekking-experience-to-Vinciguerra-Glacier-2We were able to understand more deeply the Fueguinian nature and enjoy a great day skirting rivers, going through forests, lagoons and the glacier. Another highlight we were able to see is the Laguna de los Témpanos (Icebergs lagoon) at the foot of the Glacier.

With the company of an experienced guide we start walking on the ice. There is a variety of forms, cracks, caves, processes that have been taking place over the years. They need to be interpreted and our guide provide tips and facts on the way.

Trekking-experience-to-Vinciguerra-Glacier-5The guide leads the way, he knows very well where to walk, it is important to follow him cause the ice can be tricky and sometimes we can put ourselves at risk if we follow our own path,. While we are walking we can hear about different moments of the geological evolution and the rich history of the Glaciers which can be found in Southern Patagonia. Each step we take, we can hear the sound of the ice in contact with crampons, cracking as they are sticking in the ice. There is like a silence dominating the environment and we only hear our breath and steps as we walk.

We watched holes of water, cracks and caves. How glaciers were formed? how is the melting process? are they going to disappear?, do they move forward or backward? Some of these are frequently asked questions from travelers and the good news is that all of them have their own answers.

Trekking-experience-to-Vinciguerra-Glacier-4A unique landscape, places and sceneries portrayed in a perfect picture, unshaken lakes, mountains with perpetual snowed peaks and mountain streams are awaiting for you to contemplate in awe in front of them.

Contact our Account Executives, they love trekking on the ice like some of your travelers and have great travel ideas to enlighten the experiences.

Thank you for reading, ice trekking and traveling.


  • Minimum pax requirements: 2
  • Place: Vinciguerra Glacier, Témpanos Lagoon.
  • Activities: Walking on the ice, interpretation and observation of glacier processes (caves, cracks, sinks).
  • Duration: Full Day.
  • Services Included: Mountain Guide, transfers, box lunch, crampons, poles and gaiters.

Equipment that passenger should bring: Trekking shoes, backpack, jacket, gloves, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and a bottle of water.
Operation Period: November to April.

Together with the surrounding terrain and peat bogs it was declared Ramsar Site during the year 2009 and is the southernmost glacier of the world.