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Viedma Ice Trek

Trek on the largest Glacier of Los Glaciares National Park. The best way to spend your day that will last a lifetime. Viedma Ice Trek, an experience worth to be lived that Kallpa shared in this 2014 edition


For many adventure travellers walking on the largest glacier in Argentina is a must when you come to Argentina. Viedma Glacier is located in the Glaciers National Park in the Province of Santa Cruz. Put on your crampons and experience one of the most amazing trekkings on the ice. This glacier flows to the Southern Patagonian Ice until reaching Viedma Lake.

With a front wall of 40 meters over the level of the lake, its rising is at the heart of the ice field between 1.500 and 2.200m. it is surrounded with arid edges and beautiful mountains covered with snow and an extension of 85km long and 20km wide, the basin does not count with important affluent so it mainly receives water from the glacier. It breaks away from the wets of Mariano Moreno range by the valley that is located between mts Huemul (2.677 m) and mts. Campana (2.570 m).


The Viedma Ice Trek is one the most requested excursions from travellers all around the world, those who love adventure, exploration and extreme tourism, when they visit El Chalten, the national trekking capital in Argentina. This glacier is Located 17 km south of El Chalten in a small picturesque bay called Tunel Bay. This is the starting point of departure where travellers will embark and sail to the Viedma Glacier. Sailing south by the bay allowing us to sail by the shore so we can see the stunning Mt. Fitz Roy as well as Mt. Huemul. Once we arrive Hornos cape (Far south east), the boat turns west and we will set our eyes on the stunning Viedma glacier.

Viedma Ice Trek consists in navigating only to land on the Viedma Glacier and walk on it with the aid of crampons. This hiking tour on the ice takes two hours and a half. The other tour has been specially designed for physically fit travelers. It takes nine hours and it is called Viedma Pro.


We disembarked at the rocky promontory and we will start a brief walk on the terrain, a few years back it was fully occupied by the glacier.  The Viedma landing was rocky. Clearly the adventure started the moment you stepped off the boat. You were deposited onto some harsh terrain – orange colored large rocks that you had to scramble across. Our English-speaking guide team met us and then led us over the rocks towards the ice.

After a few minutes we will reach the edge of the glacier were each passenger will be given crampons that will be used to walk. The crampons were good quality and they had toe picks which allowed you to go up steeper walls. They also furnished gloves for those who didn’t have their own. We had 3 English speaking guides for our group and they were the energetic, upbeat, and always there when you needed a hand. In fact they moved so fast on the ice that they snuck up on me many times! They encouraged you to try things slightly out of your comfort zone and would give you extra support if you looked nervous. They also took a lot of time to explain the history and geology of the glacier which is fascinating. From now we start our two hour walk on the glacier, where we will be able to find cracks and caves.

We started to walk in a single line. The tour guide was leading the small troop. “The secret is to open your legs wide and take short but firm steps. This way, it is impossible to get tired or to be in risk of getting hurt with the crampon edges. This is essential to keep the excursion going.” He said and came to be a reminder every step we walked.

White, light-blue and even blue walls followed one another as we discovered the different parts of the glacier and even appreciated some we just dared to behold without getting too close to the dangerous sections.

There is no doubt that the Viedma Ice Trek is one of the best excursions to choose at El Chaltén. Ice scenes. Hues ranging from white to extreme blue. A really memorable adventure. We love the remoteness, the difficulty, and the organization of this trek. Is the best. It felt more unique and the challenge was definitely greater which then left us with the real feeling of accomplishment when it was over. We also loved the fact that we had better crampons for doing more difficult climbing. Plus – for whatever reason – We connected with the guides more on this trek and made the trip a friend’s adventure.

As you see, there are a lot of alternatives to enjoy and explore the Argentinian Patagonia in a new and awesome way. If you need further assistance about the Viedma Ice Trek you can contact your personal Kallpa Executive or simply leave a message in our contact form. We’ll be happy to assist you!.