Live a Milonga Tour in Buenos Aires

If you start going deep into Buenos Aires City, exploring its streets and less trodden sidewalks you’ll find Milonga alive and kicking. Join us, experience and live a Milonga Tour in Buenos Aires.

Club Gricel Milonga Club, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Its origins are shared between Argentina and Uruguay in the Río de la Plata area, some other historians believe it was also originated in Rio Grande do Sul area in Brazil. It was very popular in the 1870s. and nowadays travelers come to Buenos Aires in search of places to watch locals performing this great dancing style.

El Pial Milonga Club, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaThere are only a few Milongas that keep the essence of the dances of the 30’s and 40’s, which is considered the Belle Époque of the Milongas, in which the respect for the codes and ceremonies, the elegance in the way of walking around the dance floor or how to invite a lady to dance, remain unchanged, where the best “milongueros” dancers of the world shine. Those are the ones we’ll be heading for.

Club Gricel Milonga Club, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaEverything starts in the evening, away from touristic sites. We’ll pick you up at your hotel to start the tour. During the transfer you will be able to watch the “Porteños” walking on the sidewalks of the neighborhoods, where the Milongas are located, going to the grocery stores”, coming back from work and living their daily lives.

El Pial Milonga Club, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaOn this Milonga Tour which lasts two and a half hours we’ll be visiting  two milongas, share some time with dancers, learning about the  dance and the music, being part of the mystic of the place, mostly created by the dancer who shows up every night. An experienced Tour Guide will fill us with some light-hearted updates such as stories about famous Tangueros who were regulars in such places or lived in these neighborhoods and of course will explain us all secrets about the dance and the codes used by the Tango Dancers along the night.

We invite you to join us. Come with us and take a piece of Buenos Aires back home. Gather stories, and live the experience that only a few dare to. Contact your Kallpa Account Executive whose  experience in the field will  make your journey memorable.

Thank you for reading, milonguing and travelling with us.


Minimum pax requirements: 2
Days of operation: Monday to Thursday

Services include:

Transfers in/out
Bilingual Tour Guide
Entrance Fee to the Milongas

Services does not include:

The extras at each Salon(Ballroom) is not included.

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