Changing and Adapting to new market demands

changing-and-adapting-to-new-market-demandsFor a couple of years, motivated by the speed imposed by the new worldwide tourist trading, and especially due to our clients’ needs, Kallpa has started a series of changes. All these changes tended to place the company in a highly competitive market place. These changes always focused on improving our service, without losing sight of Kallpa’s Mission that is “To be a Latin American referent of active and cultural tourism”.

After reorganizing our Administration, there was a reformulation of our Commercial Department, today is called the Marketing Department, which besides visiting the International Fairs and our clients in their own land, is the one in charge of constantly looking for and offering new and creative service proposals, itineraries and destinations, having as an aim to reach the best option at the best price, always with the “Kallpa” characteristic style.

The Marketing Department is also responsible of our corporate image and of the communication with clients, relying on this on all the options offered by all the new technologies.

This new year we face the most profound change, that is related to the own “core” of the company: Operations Department.

For this big step, Kallpa had the help and counselling of innovative consultants in strategy and operations.

The change based in organizing four work teams. Each group had the leadership of a “Key Account Manager” (KAM), from the own staff of Kallpa executives.

With his/her experience, the KAM is the new contact of Kallpa with the client. He/she is willing to interpret the client’s needs and worries and to provide answers so as to keep our place as market referents that we care for.

A person of “Passenger Assistance” also joined each group, getting in this way each team involved with the transit passenger.

Management of these groups is under the Operations manager, who with a global vision of the business performs tasks of assistance, coordination and who implements protocols that guarantee a favorable result of the operations.

However, there is still a lot to do and in current times the changes necessary to adapt to the market are constant. But in Kallpa we believe that in 2015 we will be much better prepared for the future. We are always willing to cater for the needs of each of our clients.

From this realistic and optimistic position, is that we invite you to continue working with us, not only trusting your most valuable assets: your passengers, but also sharing your worries and suggestions. THESE ARE ALL WELCOMED!!!



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