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Viñas de Cafayate, vineyard framed hotel in Salta

In the land of sun and wine, there is a place that invites all bon vivant lovers to do what they do best: enjoy a good time while delighting the eyes and the palate.

Imagine yourself waking up in a place surrounded by fresh air, green hills and vine arbors bathed by sunlight.  At Viñas de Cafayate, this dream comes true. In this hotel, you will find the perfect combination of flavor and views. Is there a better way to spend our holidays?

The facility is located three kilometers away from Cafayate’s downtown on the way to El Divisadero community and Finca Las Nubes winery, one of the must-sees in Cafayate. The hotel’s style is colonial, to combine with the traditional style of the northern estates.  All the rooms are fully equipped to satisfy the most demanding guests and all have direct access to the gallery that surrounds the hotel. The decoration stands out for its simplicity and elegance.

This wine resort, as they call it, certainly has it all: twenty-two single, double and triple rooms with king, twin or queen size beds. There are three different room categories, each one with different conveniences. It is also important to remark that all the rooms have a view either to the vineyards, to the hills, or to the garden. The guests will also enjoy a large communal swimming pool, great air conditioning, and superb views of the vineyards. During their stay, guests can take walks around the vineyards and delight their senses with the smell of grapes and fresh air.

In terms of gastronomy, at Viñas the Cafayate restaurant, you will taste delicious wines from the hotel’s cellar, which holds the most refined selection to suit all palates, and you will also be able to savor international level dishes that mix traditional flavors with gourmet culture.  Regarding the service, the hospitality and personalized attention are present at all times. The hotel is managed by the owners, who always make sure to guarantee guests’ comfort.

Certainly, this hotel is a place where you can grasp the essence of the wine culture and of the northern spirit. As an extra suggestion to finish a wonderful journey around Cafayate, we suggest to Visit the two destinations above-mentioned: Finca Las Nubes, a family owned winery, and El Divisadero community, where you can learn about farming culture by spending time with members of local communities and even stay in their houses in some cases.

Hotel Viñas De Cafayate Wine Resort at night?, Cafayate, Salta Province, North Argentina

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yacutinga, nature and self-discovery

Explore the depths of the Argentinian jungle and also, the depths of your inner self at this exotic eco-lodge.

The Yacutinga project saw the light of day during a casual dinner when two friends talked about the idea of creating the first ecological lodge in the area of Iguazú Falls. From then on, it has grown to become the wildlife sanctuary that it is today.

At this lodge, you will find a variety of programs to connect with nature and learn about the local flora and fauna. There are different trekking paths, navigations and fauna watching. There is also a special program to release all stress through yoga and meditation and return to your daily routine filled with energy. The general idea is that guests can interact with the surrounding environment and live a unique experience. This original program is probably one of the bests that you can find at Yacutinga.

The meditation program was specially intended to encourage the relationship between man and nature, so it mixes the techniques of pranayama and meditation with interpretative nature activities. Guests will be able to enjoy a quiet sunrise meditation at the Palmetto tower, which offers a mind-blowing view of the jungle’s treetops, followed by a vital breakfast that involves strictly vegan or vegetarian food. Later, guests are invited to participate in a project that has been going on for several years, the native orchid rescue. Other activities in this program include yoga at the Hummingbirds Garden, meditation and Pranayama under the stars and herbal recollection, where we can learn about the healing properties of local plants.

Regarding the facilities, the lodge features all the conveniences to satisfy the guest’s needs.  Rooms are located in isolated houses- there are four rooms per house- and all of them have private bathrooms and a magnificent view of the jungle.

In terms of gastronomy, the menu proposes a tour through the local flavors, prepared and presented in a way that you will find at any international level restaurant. All ingredients come from local vegetable gardens and are organic. There are options available for vegetarians and gluten intolerant if needed. It is important to remark that, if you sign up for this incredible meditation program, all meals will be strictly vegan or vegetarian since the purpose of this is to help people to be conscious about good nutrition and self-care.

A lot more can be said about this place, but the truth is that you just have to experience it. At Yacutinga, you will find that special connection with nature but, more importantly, with yourself.  Regain that peace of mind that is so easy to lose in our busy city life and appreciate the simplicity and the greatness of nature.

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Boho Chic Break in José Ignacio

Spend a few days at this enchanted, sublime and privileged corner of the Uruguayan Atlantic Coast.

Only 40 km away from the famous Punta del Este, this low-key and exclusive coastal town has been chosen by many Argentinean celebrities to settle their beach homes and also is a recurring destination for the international stardom to relax.

The town owes its name to a settler that inhabited the area during the Spanish conquest era. The namesake lighthouse -and local symbol- located at the rocky edge of the foreland, was built in 1877.

Jose Ignacio Faro_Posada Paraiso
José Ignacio´s Lighthouse

Little more than 30 years ago this place was just a fishermen’s village. As time went by, the land was occupied with magnificent homes. Even though services might still be a bit rudimentary (electricity may be off sporadically, there’s low mobile and Wi-Fi signal and there’s only one gas station at the entrance that could be out of gas for a whole day), people from everywhere arrive to this remote country and beach town to enjoy its exotic beauty, virgin beaches & deep blue sea, green country field and incomparable tranquility. The perfect spot to rest and let go.

This little peninsula placed between two lagoons (the Garzón and the José Ignacio) is only 2 km long and 800 metres wide. To the west, there is Playa Mansa (Quiet Beach), with its petit and colorful fishing boats and magical sunsets. To the east, the opposite Playa Brava (Rough Beach), wider and with imposing waves, ideal for surfers.

Jose Ignacio Beach_Posada Paraiso
Beach in José Ignacio

We would like to recommend staying at Posada Paraiso, a lovely small inn with a bohemian, natural and relaxed environment. Located just 50 meters away from the ocean, Posada Paraiso offers a quiet and cozy space with just few rooms elegantly decorated with a rustic beach style. An exterior seasonal swimming pool surrounded by a lush garden and hammocks, a bar and also a gourmet restaurant complete the inn’s postcard. Paraiso’s purpose is to spoil guests with a personalized attention and make them feel at home.

DBL Room with balcony_Posada Paraiso_Jose ignacio
Posada Paraiso room
Rest at Posada Paraiso
Rest at Posada Paraiso

Gastronomy in José Ignacio doesn’t go unnoticed. Gourmet cuisine including fresh fish and seafood, original and trendy dishes, renowned chefs’ signature restaurants, grills, hotspots and subtle on-the-go places…the culinary offer is exquisite and diverse.

What else can you do in José Ignacio besides having delicious meals? Essentially, this is a beach destination. Whether you visit the Brava or the Mansa, resting at the beach, sunbathing and swimming in the refreshing waters is a must for the summer (from november to march). It is also possible to practice water sports such as sailing or rowing boats, wind and kitesurfing.

Jose Ignacio Sea_Posada Paraiso
The Atlantic Ocean in José Ignacio

But this is an ideal place to stop by year round and be mesmerized with its sunsets at the beach, ride horses and visit the famous lighthouse, main square and art galleries, walk and shop around too.

From gauchos to surfers, hippies to supermodels, families and business men, class A celebrities and young people, José Ignacio appeals to those who look for bohemian but glamorous and enchanting beach places with dirt roads and nature, where silence is only disturbed by the wind whistling and the waves crashing.

Contact your Kallpa Executive for an exclusive itinerary in José Ignacio.

Jose ignacio green_Posada Paraiso
Green, beige & blue!



Nature & Relax at the Iberá Wetlands

Right by the mysterious Iberá Wetlands, find a colonial and cozy natural environment, home-made meals and daily activities in the first touristic estancia in Corrientes, with the personalized attention of its owners.

Located northeast of Corrientes province, on the banks of the Iberá Wetlands and close to the San Ignacio Jesuit ruins, the Estancia San Juan Poriahú is a traditional ranch, nowadays dedicated to breeding cattle.

Estancia San Juan de Poriahu, a farm in the Ibera Wetlands, Corrientes Province, Argentina
Estancia San Juan de Poriahu, Iberá Wetlands, Corrientes Province.

Once upon a time a Jesuit residence itself, its origins date back to the 17th century when the Society of Jesus founded its famous townships in Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina. Today, Ana María is the current owner of the estancia and Marcos -her son- is the one who takes care of it. The story goes that Marcos’ grandfather, Don Ernesto, surprisingly inherited the colonial farmhouse and 5.000 hectares from a friend that passed away. In time, more land was acquired to reach the final 13.000 hectares that the estancia occupies now.

Marcos used to spend his summer vacations here when he was a child and today he has become a renowned naturalist and expert of the area. Also he may be one of the guides that take you on a boat ride, drive or hike through this ecosystem and tell you everything he knows about it.

Capybara (Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris) at Estancia San Juan de Poriahu, Ibera Wetlands (Esteros del Ibera), Corrientes Province, Argentina
Capibara at the Wetlands

Visiting and staying at Poriahú is to travel back to colonial times. The aged Jesuit farmhouse has thick adobe walls, a palm roof (typical of this region), a gallery and an outdoor pool to relax and contemplate nature. There are also nine wide and simple twin rooms with private or shared bathroom. The family keeps an eye on the details and makes an effort to create a homey atmosphere in the rooms and common areas, such as the shared dining room and the living room. Meals are always homemade and include regional dishes. You may even taste our traditional asado!

Cattle at Estancia San Juan de Poriahu, a cattle farm in the Ibera Wetlands, Corrientes Province, Argentina
Cattle at Estancia San Juan de Poriahu

Surrounded by an ancient and exuberant grove and the characteristic humidity of the marshlands, Poriahú is the best alternative to not only visit the historic ruins nearby but to take part on any ecotourism activity available at the region.

Among the activities that the estancia has to chose from, you can´t miss the boat ride through the wetlands. Jump onto a canoe conducted by a guide and navigate this magic aquatic environment girdled by colorful vegetation and rich native wildlife that you will be able to see and listen everywhere. You may spot roseate spoonbills, maguari storks, whistling herons, yacarés (caymans), marsh deers, aguará guazú (maned wolves), river otters and the cute capibaras or carpinchos.

Boat at Estancia San Juan de Poriahu, Ibera Wetlands, a marshland in Corrientes Province, Argentina
Boat at Estancia San Juan de Poriahu

Other daily options include horseback riding joined by the resident gauchos, photographic safari, guided hikes for bird and fauna watching, night tour for yacaré watching, off-road 4×4 ride within the ranch and rural activities such as cattle branding and bath, among others. Keep in mind that the activities are subject to weather conditions.

Gauchos on a traditional Argentinian cattle farm, Estancia San Juan de Poriahu, Ibera Wetlands, Corrientes Province, Argentina
Gauchos riding through the Wetlands

After an active day you will certainly enjoy to relax by the pool and share a mate while the sun sets in this enchanting place, where nature and wildlife have open access at anytime.

Swimming Pool at Estancia San Juan de Poriahu, Ibera Wetlands, Corrientes Province, Argentina
Swimming Pool at Estancia San Juan de Poriahu

Please, contact your Kallpa Tour executive for more information about the 4 days / 3 nights program with accommodation and activities at Estancia San Juan Poriahú in Esteros del Iberá.