snowshoeing bariloche at Cerro Lopez


We reach the base of Cerro Lopez, where the activity begins. This hill is situated about 30 km from the city of Bariloche, off the road known as “Circuito Chico”.

Once there, we get on 4WD jeep and drive uphill along steeper and steeper mountain roads. The scenery is second to no other in the world. We have just reached 1260m above the sea level and we already feel immersed in the snow-white landscape.

snowshoeing-bariloche-at-cerro-lopez-descent-climbingAt this point we arrive at the shelter, with a spectacular view of Nahuel Huapi National Park. This is where the best part begins. The guides help us put the snow rackets on and talk to us about the activity and safety measures.

We start the walk from the shelter following the East slope of Cerro Lopez through a beautiful “lenga” tree forest. The way up takes approximately 2 hours with several stops to enjoy the view and to learn about the original flora and fauna thanks to the tips given by the guides.

What has called our attention is a curious rocky outcrop, known by the locals as “Asterix Rock”, from where we have a breathtaking panoramic view of the Andes in winter.

snowshoeing-bariloche-at-cerro-lopez-descentWhen we stop talking, the acoustics generated by the snow create a silence only broken by the noise of our stomachs asking for food. There we have lunch, and if we are lucky we will see condors and other birds flying in the sky above us.

During the way down we find footprints revealing the animals that dwell in the area in winter. The gentle slopes near the shelter are ideal for having fun doing “culi-patín” (sliding down the slope without a sledge).

snowshoeing-bariloche-at-cerro-lopez-descent-backWe finish our adventure by the fireplace, tasting a cup of delicious hot cocoa to relax from the strain of the walk. With the remainder of our forces, we get on the jeeps and start our triumphant return.

Time of the activity: from 11 am to 5.30 pm, approximately at the base of Cerro Lopez

Difficulty level and physical demand: Medium

Suggested personal equipment:

  • warm waterproof shoes
  • trekking or warm regular pants
  • a warm thermal T-shirt
  • a warm polar sweatshirt
  • a warm jacket
  • a waterproof jacket
  • ski-gloves or similar
  • ski- or warm regular socks
  • a wool or polar beanie
  • sunglasses
  • sunscreen
  • a small backpack for the hike

As you see, there are a lot of things to do in Bariloche. If you need further assistance about Snowshoeing Bariloche at Cerro Lopez you can contact your personal Kallpa Executive or simply leave a message in our contact form. We’ll be happy to assist you!.

My trip to Europe by Romina Vaquero

Hello! I’m Romina Vaquero, Accountant Executive of Kallpa Tour, and I’d like to share with you my experience during the promotional trip.


All began last year at the season finale meeting where I was informed by the directors of the company that I would have the chance to travel abroad in March to meet in person the clients I work with everyday, that is to say, you.

I reacted to the news with mixed feelings: expectation, joy, nervousness and excitement for representing Kallpa and my colleagues, who work side by side with me in this activity that is very enriching at a personal and professional level.

romina-vaquero-5Gabriel and I designed the itinerary and activities for the trip, and then we informed our clients of my visit. They received the news with a lot of enthusiasm.

The day finally arrived. I found myself at Ezeiza Airport in Buenos Aires, luggage in hand, doing the check in before flying to the old continent. First stop: Berlin. There was I, after having imagined that moment for so long!

Already in Berlin, I leave for the fair located in the exhibition grounds of the city, a few minutes away from where I am staying. My curiosity grows minute after minute as I know that the ITB groups service providers in the tourism sector and it’s a great opportunity to meet clients and occasional visitors.

romina-vaquero-3After my accreditation as an expositor, I started my visit to this gigantic fair, with an astonishing number of expositors from the different areas that form part of the tourism industry at a global scale. Professionals representing airlines, tour operators, tourist offices, among others, are there with the same objective in mind: to make contacts, exchange ideas, and to lean about and discuss the evolution of the international tourist market.

After the rewarding experience at the ITB, I left Berlin for Holland to continue with my itinerary in order to visit clients and meet in person the colleagues with whom I work remotely on a daily basis.


After a few days in Holland, I returned to Germany to continue visiting clients as scheduled.

I had the chance to meet my colleagues and their workplace, and I could work remotely from home, which was a marvelous experience!


I treasure very good memories of this experience, especially for the kindness and politeness received in our meetings, which have allowed me to learn about and expand our clients’ profiles.

Thanks everybody for your warm welcome. I cannot but express my gratitude to Laura and Gabriel who offered me this opportunity and to my colleagues for their good wishes for the trip.

See you soon!


A new way to enjoy Iguazu Falls

This month we provide tips to show you a new way to enjoy Iguazu Falls


Recently selected as one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature, since 2011, we fell in love with its 275 jumps, its red soils jungle and the “mix” of people due to its location in the Triple Border Area (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay).

Iguazú Falls were discovered in 1542 by Spaniard Alvaro Nuñez Cabeza de Vaca. The word “Iguazú” in the Guarani language means “Lots of Water” and it might probably refer to its biggest jump of about 80 meters, Garganta del Diablo.


As the Niagara Falls, these falls are protected under two National Parks, from Brazil and Argentina, there is a certain rivalry defined in the phrase: “Argentina has the best waterfalls and landscapes, but Brazil has the best view.” The truth for us is that both sides have their particular beauty and a special way to enjoy them.

There are several modalities to visit this extraordinary gift of nature, from helicopter rides to sailing and shore excursions.


The first day of the cruise we recommend touring the Iguazú National Park this is on the Argentine side. It was one of the best experiences we had. The tour took most of the day since you can do some or all of its routes: Upper Circuit, Lower Circuit, Greenway, Macuco Path; and even the Ecological Jungle Train.

We also chose to do the “Nautical Adventure”. If you are a water lover you got to do the incredible baptism at the foot of the San Martin waterfall, the largest waterfall any motor-boat can approach safely, where one can enjoy a spectacular and clear view of both the Brazilian and Argentinean sides, as well as the “Garganta del Diablo” Devil’s Throat Fall. We got completely soaked but the experience was awesome!


For the second day Brazil was waiting for us. There are many activities available at Foz Do Iguaçu National Park. We took the opportunity to fly over the Falls on a helicopter. The view we had from the air is unmatched. The “Garganta del Diablo3 can be seen as if it were a long chimney throwing smoke. The tour of the gateways is very active too and if you like the adventure the Macuco Safari is a mustdo. There is a first stage of rapel descent with the view of the Argentinean Falls as a main landscape at your back and then a rafting trip on the Iguazú River, including diving in the water.


Apart from visiting the Iguaçu National Park, you can visit “Parque das Aves”. It is the Park where we all can get the famous photo with the toucan on the arm, in which half of our mouth outlines a smile for the feat, but at the same time our eyes reflect the fear. Ours was no exception.


There you can see more than 150 bird species from around the world, living in this beautiful recreated environment.

The accommodation is of very good quality and suits all tastes.

So protect yourself against water, and visit this beautiful natural wonder!

As you see, there are a lot of things to do in Puerto Iguazu and Foz do Iguaçu. If you need further assistance about this new way to enjoy Iguazu Falls you can contact your personal Kallpa Executive or simply leave a message in our contact form. We’ll be happy to assist you!.