Delta Premium Navigation to Tigre and Delta

Travelling and visiting Buenos Aires does not involve only attending a Tango show or going on a City Tour around the city. Our city has got a lot of attractions in its surroundings which deserve to be visited. Here we would like to propose you a different way of discovering it by sailing in the Delta Premium Navigation to Tigre and Delta.


To start this journey we go to the maritime terminal at Puerto Madero. This is a small shipping port for arrival and departure that is near the Buquebus terminal.

After checking in, we wait for a couple of minutes to climb the catamaran that is going to take us along the Río de la Plata coast to our final destination at Tigre in the Province of Buenos Aires.

delta-premium-navigation-to-tigre-and-delta-1On board of the modern catamaran our trip starts. As we get away from the port the contrasts between modernity of Puerto Madero and its skyscrapers and the historical buildings which give character to our City of Buenos Aires can be appreciated.

During the journey from a distance the neighborhoods of Recoleta, Palermo, Botánico, Aeroparque [small airport], the coastal area, Ciudad Universitaria [campus university] and then the main neighborhoods of the Northern Area of the Province of Buenos Aires such as Vicente López, Olivos, San Isidro among others can be observed.

For outdoor activities lovers, travelling on the stern of the boat in the open air and from where you can take interesting pictures is available. For those who prefer the quietness, inside the catamaran there are comfortable armchairs and a snack is served during the trip that takes 1 hour 50 minutes. The catamaran leaves at 10 am from the North Dock (‘Dársena Norte’, Puerto Madero) and returns to Buenos Aires at 4 pm from the river station of Tigre.

delta-premium-navigation-to-tigre-and-delta-2This drive can also be combined with the excursion to Tigre where you have the possibility of returning by land visiting the neighborhoods of the northern suburbs of Buenos Aires, entering the Cathedral of San Isidro or the other way around initiating this land trip and returning from Tigre to Puerto Madero on the catamaran.

Below we detail some of the technical data of the excursion and remember should you need more information about this product contact your Kallpa personal officer or leave a message in our contact form.


trekking tilcara calilegua

 Trekking Tilcara Calilegua is one of the trekking trips that highly provoke our adrenalin and emotions. The town of Tilcara located in the Quebrada de Humahuaca in the province of Jujuy, is the starting point of this journey up to Calilegua.

The diversity of landscapes and proximity to history and culture of this region is the high incentive we may find to trek these 5 days.



After having been received at Tilcara, we handed in the luggage so as to get the animals that will carry the luggage during the journey prepared. We went out for a walk around the town where we can visit the “Pucará” [indian fortress], archeological site. We are going to spend the night at Tilcara so as to have a good rest and to be able of starting our trekking trip on the next day.

trekking-tilcara-calilegua-4The second day starts very early with an exquisite breakfast which allows us to recover our energy so as to begin the hike. We are taken to Alfarcito, starting point of the path to Las Yungas. There we will set the final preparations and meet our “baqueanos” [local guides]. By the way, these are people who fully know the roads and shortcuts of the area, its physical characteristics, language and traditions of the population, to which they regularly belong.

trekking-tilcara-calilegua-1This journey takes us to panoramic points where we have the most ovewrwhelming views of the Quebrada de Humahuaca, to a first glance of the Nevado Chañi that it is 5,896 meters above the sea level and the highest point of the journey, the walkway “Campo Laguna” (Lagoon Field). From that point onwards the landscape begins to change and as we leave the first views of the Yungas landscape behind we can observe vegetation becomes thicker due to the humidity of the area.

trekking-tilcara-calilegua-3We will appreciate these differences in the landscape as we travel towards Molulo, San Lucas Village and finally our final part of the journey to Peña Alta.

We will spend the night in basic campsites and/or family houses. Food and assistance are included. Adventure is guaranteed from the beginning to the end while expectations are on he nature’s account and these are always exceeded.


Kallpa Hotels Chile Tierra Atacama

Selection of Kallpa Hotels Chile Tierra Atacama. Many hotels in Chile are characterized by the modern architecture and only some stand out due to the harmony with their surrounding landscape and environment.

For this July edition we have decided to take you for a visit to Tierra Atacama hotel belonging to the chain of Tierra Hoteles that is in the northern area of the country


At Tierra Atacama we find the secrets of the Chilean highlands, with its surprising wildlife and its touching landscapes. As a rule, a hotel always looks for visitors to feel as if they were at home, but in this case, with the quality and comfort of such a special destination. Tierra Atacama’s proposal is to exceed our expectations as travelers. Therefore, in the middle of the desert you may live a unique experience.


Each of us, as a traveler has stories to tell. Each destination we visit, each hotel where we stay in, has something that makes us differentiate from others and our meeting with Tierra Atacama is an onset of experiences.


Tierra Atacama is built respecting the ancient bull corral, place where mule drivers, who took game from Argentina to Puerto de Antofagasta, stopped to feed and to make their animals rest after a hard journey through the Andes. There they would be supplied with fodder and water before continuing their trip. Tierra Atacama’s architects have decided to keep these ancient adobe walls and to incorporate them to the access to the hotel and to keep them as homage to the history of the area.

The philosophy of the hotel chosen is the adventure and spa. Our travelers want to discover the beauty of a destination in an active way and with an adventurous spirit, with the security of later being received at the hotel with a variety of options for relaxing and renewing energies for the next adventure.


In addition to the 32 rooms with beds with canopy and the wide lounge areas and the private patios with a view to the desert, Tierra Atacama has got a garden with a swimming pool, a spa and a restaurant, and offers rooms with free Wi-Fi and breakfast.

Without any doubts to travel in an active way and to find a space for relax, Tierra Atacama has got the perfect mixture and as travelers we love to share these secrets with you.

Here is some useful information about Tierra Atacama