La Ventana Tango Show

We started the year with tango in our veins and revisited La Ventana Tango Show. As always we were very satisfied and this is our review… enjoy it!.


If you are looking for a tango show which keeps the essence of real Tango and not much detail to Hollywood and style of the city of Buenos Aires, La Ventana Tango Show is one of the best options. The dancers show is first class rate and the gaucho receives special mention.

In the heart of San Telmo, La Ventana Tango opened its doors to the world in 1982. This fully restored historic tenement is a classic tour of Buenos Aires culture through time. The interior, preserving the purest of the building are ideal for a single proposal with 32 artists on stage area, two tango orchestras, a collection of folk music, dancers and singers. The atmosphere at this long-running venue, located in an old converted building, will take you back in time. There are two salons, both with rustic brick walls and ceilings, and rough-hewn wood beams; one has an impressive stained-glass ceiling.


My impression about the decoration is that they have all those classic ornaments and small figures, antiques that are a pleasure to be watched and provide a special atmosphere to the decoration.

The menu is provided with several options that makes it out whta is considered conventional. Includes international and typical dishes of our country, with the traditional charcoal grill and an extensive list of Argentinean wines.


One of the surprises and most aclaim part of the show is the folklore show which includes Andean musicians and a display of boleadores (balls on cords that gauchos used to tangle up prey). The tango show is also excellent, and there are 30 performers in total. They play traditional tango keeping the magic tha once Tango used to be.

We highly reccommend the Show at la Venta not only because of our experience but most of all because of our client experiences which talks better about it.

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Graffiti tour in Buenos Aires

We are always looking for those hidden treasures in the city and in this opportunity we found Graffiti Tour in Buenos Aires. I love this kind of excursions that are no traditional and the experience was far from my expectations

Graffiti Tour In Buenos Aires - Triangulo Dorado

Graffitimundo is a non-profit organisation which promotes the urban art scene of Buenos Aires and supports local artists.

I had the opportunity to participate in one of their guided tours. The one they do starting in Colegiales and Ending up in Palermo and also the one that starts in La Boca and finishes in Palermo. I was amazed about the paintings on the walls, how every artist captures the essence and reveal the extraordinary history of the city’s vibrant urban art culture, from its fiery political origins, to the modern context in which Buenos Aires has become one of the world’s most exciting cities for street art.

They took me off the beaten path to visit hidden graffiti hotspots and open air galleries. Stopping by an artists’ studio and the city’s only street art bar and gallery, the tours also give you the chance to meet the artists themselves and buy affordable artwork.

Graffiti tour in Buenos Aires - Maradona

Their tours have been developed in close collaboration with the city’s leading artists, enabling us to share their personal stories and motivations, together with the most spectacular art the city has to offer. This helps the traveller to understand the aspects of their work in relation with the experience they have and the look about society that they have.

There are several options to enjoy this tour. If you’d like to join on a tour, this are some of them:

Our group tours provide a visually stunning introduction to the vibrant world of urban art in Buenos Aires, sharing the art and its compelling history. Meet artists and visit the only street art gallery in the city.

We are happy to arrange private tours at any time or day of the week, whether you have a particular interest or would just like a private introduction to the scene.

For those who prefer to cruise the streets on two wheels, we run bike tours every Sunday in collaboration with Biking Buenos Aires. Spaces are very limited so it’s recommended to book well in advance!

Explore the hidden historical barrios of Buenos Aires to discover huge scale works by international artists such as Blu & Gaia. Ideal for architecture enthusiasts and photographers.
Graffiti tour in Buenos Aires - child in boxes

Some of the artist that we are going to watch during the tour are:

Triángulo Dorado


Formed in 2007, Triángulo Dorado is one of the newer art collectives to join the urban art movement in Buenos Aires. The group consists of three artists; Santiago Panichelli (Nemer), Pedro Panichelli (Hombre Tiki) and Francisco Ferreyra (Lema).

After a relatively short amount of time painting together, this group already has a remarkably well developed and recognizable style. Influenced by everything from urban art and graffiti to muralism and expressionist painters, Triángulo Dorado explore techniques and styles from a wide range of both contemporary and classical art movements.

Though combining the talents of three different artists, this collective works cooperatively to create dazzling murals that are collaborative works of all three. Triángulo Dorado explores both elaborate geometric compositions as well as striking figures that combine abstract patterned bodies with startlingly realistic faces. The group is known for their use of darker tones and a palette of regal colors.



Gualicho grew up in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, and first began painting graffiti in 1998. In 2006 he adopted the artistic pseudonym “Gualicho”, a name stemming from the spanish verb “to bewitch”.

Gualicho creates dense, interconnected landscapes which feature complex combinations of natural and industrial elements. His murals combine organic structures with machinery, creating retro-futuristic scenery in a post-graffiti style.

Gualicho uses a strange language of symbols and ambiguous figures to explore different facets of human nature, and his works are heavily influenced by folk art, religious icons, comic graphics and 60’s psychedelia. His style has also been inspired by his formative influences, and elements of graffiti, skate culture, comics, tattoo art and rock can be seen in his work.

Gualicho’s surreal and provocative works have transformed store fronts, private houses, abandoned buildings and public walls, along with trainers, illustrated books, and even a series of ceramics. He is a creator constantly on the move and is as comfortable working on walls as he is with other materials.

Stencil Land


Stencil Land first began cutting stencils for advertising in 1997. In 2003 he became inspired to use the technique for art and expression and has continued on this path ever since.

As an artist who uses stencil as his primary medium, Stencil Land does more than simply appropriate images for his own use. He creates original concepts through the manipulation of images, which often subvert the associations we have with them. Stencil Land often plays with national icons; Michelangelo’s David can be seen throughout the city clutching a kettle and sipping from a mate, whilst life-size gauchos rest against the city walls, strumming electric guitars.

Stencil Land’s pieces are striking both in terms of their content, and in their level of complexity and detail. His creations can be appreciated on a number of levels. Whilst he often creates artwork inspired by a specific theme or historical event, his pieces are always open to creative interpretation.

Having begun creating stencils measuring just a few square centimetres in size, Stencil Land now prefers to create imposing pieces up to three metres tall. His works can be seen in various galleries and museum exhibitions, though he reminds viewers that the essence of street art is always best experienced in its natural context.

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Sustainable tourism projects at Puerto Valle

In Kallpa we are always supporting programs that help and contribute with the education and protection of the environment and this time we tell you about the sustainable tourism projects at Puerto Valle.

Sustainable tourism projects at Puerto Valle

Message in a Bottle

In recent years, environmental awareness has led to great changes in consumer habits , and consequently the recycling of waste to minimize the impact on the environment.

When you think ” green ” bottles have known to be carriers of creative messages . They have already been used as bricks for green building ( earthship ) or for mounting on them and cross oceans : the case of David Rothschild who crossed the Pacific Ocean on a catamaran of 18 meters long constructed from plastic recycled bottles.

With so much creativity on the table, Marisol and Nicholas Di Costanzo Sciorto , were determined to put their two cents worth in. Since 2010 they manage Puerto Valle, a small boutique hotel , where they arrived to put their mark and focus on the little details, because that is what counts. The hotel is strategically located just 55 km from Posadas airport . Looking to the Paraná River and with a privileged access to Northeast Ibera Natural Reserve, the hotel aims to identify this unique ecosystem through the Laguna Valley .

“We took the example of David Rothschild, who focused on the buoyancy of the bottles. We needed a platform to observe animals, and began to fantasize about a floating structure held up by plastic bottles,” explains Nicholas. So the hotel implemented a recycling program that allowed to reduce significantly the volume of trash and accumulate the valuable bottles. After two years of hard work, Puerto Valle had enough material to make the structure a reality.


Today all guests visiting the Laguna Valley can enjoy the unforgettable “floating” between capybaras , caimans and birds , knowing that the bottles of water consumed during the visit to this vast ecosystem, hide a message that only requires imagination and wit to be revealed.

Sustainable farm for raising alligators. Yacaré Porá

Another of the sustainable projects is Yacaré Porá. Located in Puerto Valle property in the northeastern province of Corrientes Yacaré Porá is a sustainable farm for raising alligators.

In order to protect the broad-snouted caiman and black caiman, local endangered species, the project also seeks economic and sociocultural valuation of wetlands where alligators live with other species.


Through a program of conservation and sustainable use, Yacaré Porá can generate valuable resources and time necessary for the integrated conservation of correntinos wetlands.

The harvest of wild eggs ranching and enhancement of ecosystems made in this sustainable development allows maximum production with minimum environmental impact. The project also contributes to the recovery of populations in areas where the species has been eliminated or reduced, and the socio-economic development of the region.