Day of Polo in Buenos Aires

Sports are also in our roots. Polo is a prestigious sport that has entered in the heart of the Argentinians and that has gradually become a cultural and touristic attraction.


Being passionate about Polo and communicating this love for horses and the sport to each of the visitors is the objective of experiencing the Polo Day.

The day starts with an explanatory talk about polo and its horses. We are received with some delicious empanadas [cornish pasties] and a good Argentinian wine. While we taste these empanadas the guide explains how polo horses are chosen for the sport, their bloodlines, and how they get trained, everything very interesting to learn about. Furthermore, we have learnt how a great polo horse is taken care of, its food and preparation for the game. Let’s leave this on hold for the passengers to experience it themselves.


After having this talk, we attended a professional polo match up to 4 chukkers (name given to the different periods in which the match is divided). More than 30 horses were involved. We enjoyed of a rapid-paced match full of adrenalin. If you come for the day there are polo matches every day of the year, so it is possible to watch a match with bilingual commentators explaining the basis of the match, its rules and its techniques.


At lunch time, we enjoy of an unforgettable barbecue. With a selection of Argentinian offal and meat accompanied by Argentinian wines. Nothing better than a good barbecue after a great match, this is what our delicious local food looks like. Take into consideration that a vegetarian option is also available for those lovers of the greens.

After a couple of hours relaxing at the pool or enjoying a walk through this beautiful Argentinian field, we take a polo lesson where we can learn how to ride a horse, how to grab a polo stick, how to aim at the ball and finish the day by sharing a mini polo match which make us feel as a professional player. Clearly the ball was more frequently touched by the horses than by us, but the experience was really very special.

Each person has a different level of expertise in horse-riding so there are horses for any level of expertise and there also are qualified trainers who give us professional instructions. Even when your passenger has never learnt how to ride a horse, or if he/she only has a basic knowledge or if he/she is already a professional, the horses we use are excellent to enjoy a ride through the countryside, to start learning, or to progress in his/her abilities and techniques.



Immersed in the Misionera Jungle


This is a history that has been written since 1924 by descendants of the same family and that is depicted on each corner of Puerto Bemberg Inn located in the middle of 400 hectares of pure nature in the jungle of Misiones with trails and hidden corners we visited. A paradise immersed in the Misionera jungle.

Otto and Federico Bemberg settled in Misiones and founded the first Yerba Mate growing company with a production at a large scale. Its progress allowed them buy lots of lands in the area and that is why they set up Puerto Bemberg [port].


There are two aspects important to highlight of Puerto Bemberg, first its commitment with nature conservation that can be felt at each aspect of the service, what made them obtain the verification of Rain Forest Alliance on sustainable tourism. The other point to highlight is the beauty of the inn in the middle of this natural paradise where it has been built.

immerse-in-the-misionera-jungle-3Relaxed by the wooden fireplace, with a library of more than 2,500 books we find a place to rest and forget about the dynamism of urban life for some days. During the day we may enjoy the open air swimming pool, laying on wood deck chairs in the middle of trees and some have taken the massage service to feel renewed.

The hotel breakfast is a Continental Buffet which includes regional jams, regional and native products of the area and other delicacies. This breakfast is very complete so as to provide the energy for the activities that may be performed in the area. Gourmet cuisine is something that must not be missed its menu includes meals whose ingredients come from products grown in the hotel’s own garden. If you enjoy trying the flavors of different regions you cannot resist trying an ice cream of ‘yerba mate’.


The rooms are decorated in a rustic style, with an air conditioner, flat screen cable TV, dark-color wood furniture and parquet flooring. Blankets and bedspreads are made of natural knitting and show earth-like and olive green color tones. The rooms offer details of rustic interior design. These have got free wi-fi and a private balcony with a view to the garden.


At the inn, you may do different activities such as sailing the Río Iguazú, cycling, trekking in the jungle or watching of the fauna and flora of the area, visiting of natural falls among others. The ruins in San Ignacio are at a 250-km distance of Puerto Bemberg so it used to be one of the most visited attractions in the area after the falls.

Puerto Bemberg Inn offers the perfect combination of history and comfort therefore it is an option that you cannot leave aside if you travel to Iguazú. Remember that should you need any more information on this product or any other type of material, you may contact your Kallpa personal executive officer or simply send us a message through our contact form.