Learn the art of the Argentine asado in Buenos Aires

Whether it is with family, friends, or both together, the asado is a moment of gathering.  Experience our most emblematic tradition and learn to make your own asado!

This experience proposes an immersion through Argentina’s most popular custom. We will learn all that there is to know about meat cuts, making a good fire, and to plan and organize an asado.

The appointment is at a family house in the heart of Palermo, where we will share the table in a beautiful backyard with other commensals. Once we are all ready, we will go shopping for our ingredients, this is, if not the most, one important part of an asado since we need to make sure that we are purchasing for the right meat cuts and ingredients. As we visit the local butcher, baker, and wine merchant, we will walk through the streets of the trendy neighborhood of Palermo Viejo appreciating its outstanding street art and houses.

The shopping tour itself is an experience on its own since we will avoid the supermarkets and go to the traditional places that have that special something so hard to find in big store chains. The merchants will guide and instruct us during our purchases, making us leave with great quality products and a lot of new knowledge.

Back in the residence, we will start the preparation of the asado. We will learn, guided by a ‘maestro parrillero’ (grill master) about achuras, making the fire, and how to cook each cut (each one needs its own time and way of cooking). While we cook, we will have the chance to taste a classic ‘picada’ (cold cuts with cheese) in which we will try a dried and aged artisan salami from Tandil, and a traditional ‘fernet’ (classic drink with Italian origins).

After the picada, we will start with the ‘achuras’ accompanied with a bottle of wine and a provoleta. There will be also two types of salads, one with eggs and potatoes, and another with mango, spinach, and caramelized pecans, although seasonal variations will be offered as well. After the main course, which consists of more delicious Argentine meat, we will enjoy a dessert with a variety of traditional dishes among which we can choose, followed by a round of mate.

This is an experience to fully delight our senses while enjoying nice conversation in a cozy environment. An excellent option for those looking for a refreshing and tasty moment in the city. If you are interested in this experience, please do not hesitate to contact us at Kallpa Tour Operator!


  • Operates: Tuesdays to Fridays from 10:30 am to 3:30 pm
  • Máximum: 10 pax


  • Groceries shopping tour.
  • Asado making lesson by a grill master.
    Picada, Asado, Salads, and dessert
  • Drinks: Fernet, Sodas, Water and a bottle of wine every two pax


  • Transfers from/to hotels. Meeting point is in Palermo.

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