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Exclusive Wine tasting Mendoza

We dedicate this article to present the exclusive wine tasting Mendoza. Mendoza is one of the largest winemaking regions of the world. With more than 1500 wineries distributed in three regions -Luján de Cuyo, Valle de Uco and Maipú– large open fields together with grapevines, mountains and blue skies.


The Vines of Mendoza, a place difficult to forget for those who have the possibility to lodge there, since it offers the perfect balance between a natural landscape surrounded by vineyards with a first class cuisine. Lots of wine lovers recommend staying here so as to enjoy of one of the 33 hotels selected by Condé Nast.

On this opportunity we are focusing on The Vines of Mendoza Tasting Room where wine tasting is offered with more than 100 products from regional “Boutique” wineries. Visiting the Tasting Room is like visiting several wineries all in the same place.


Each wine tasting includes detailed and personal information on the wines from the specialists who conduct the experience in a very amusing and entertaining way.

Since we are also travelers, we like getting more involved therefore we joined the experience and prepared our own wine with The Vines of Argentina. We elaborated our own wine with the help of experts in the high tech The Vines of Argentina laboratory and got to take the wine bottle with us in order to share it with our friends.

Every Wednesday 20 pm from October up to May, the Tasting Room receives enologists from prestigious “boutique” wineries of Mendoza, who talk about their wines. This bilingual guided wine tasting called “The night of the oenologist”. This is the only event of this type in the city, and it is considered to be a unique opportunity to share and learn from the best enologists of Mendoza. There you have the direct opportunity of discussing about their wine production. When organized with time your clients may participate of this differentiating opportunity.


Wine tasting is a must-do in our journey, as well as wine-tasting from the best enologists of the world. We have learnt more about wine through the tasting: comparing it, analyzing it, interchanging opinions with others and sometimes making new blends. We believe Mendoza is one of the most interesting places to directly learn from relating with experts.

At night we can enjoy the best cuisine at the “Siete Fuegos” Restaurant from the well-known Chef, Francis Mallmann. You can always have dinner inside the restaurant or for those people who wish to eat in the outdoors area, you can enjoy of a front line seat at the open air kitchen watching how fire artisans passionately transform Argentinian foods into delicious meals.

We invite you to share with your clients a perfect combination of rustic experience and unique flavors, offering a visit to the Tasting Room of The Vines of Argentina in Mendoza where wine and nature become a real experience.


Cuisine and Good wine is an experience

Combining relax, cuisine and good wine is an experience an is not something easy to perform, however, Club Tapiz in Mendoza was very successful in doing so.


As lovers of tourism and fine cuisine we cannot miss the opportunity of telling you about this product Kallpa-like.

Club Tapiz proposal offers us is specially devised for lovers of the fine cuisine, the good wine and throughout a true personal experience by the active participation in activities in the vineyard, the wine tasting and cooking lessons.


We have stayed in Club Tapiz. It is located in a residence built in 1890, surrounded by 10-hectare vineyard. We highlight that the house was restored respecting the original structure and its architects were in charge of keeping the identity which is unique together with the surroundings and the magnificent view of the Andes mountain range. This house was declared Historical, Architecture and Touristic Heritage of the District of Maipú at the City of Mendoza.



When visiting the Hotel we could appreciate that attached to the Club there is an old wine cellar where wine was produced until 2002. We walk along aisles flanked by large oak barrels, we reach ‘Pour le Galerie’ room which has a beautiful mural of 22 x 4 meters painted by Sergio Roggerone, an artist from Mendoza, the room has got a 200-person capacity, it has got an own winetasting room, a wine cellar and a sparkling wine racks. It is that Pour Le Galerie was created out of love for art and it may be used for cultural events and social gatherings.



The Club has got a restaurant open the whole year where you can taste delicious meals prepares with local products and from the own organic vegetable garden.



We also enjoyed of the spa with sauna, Scottish shower, jacuzzis and massage rooms with different therapies that after a day of walks and degustation are definitely rewarding. Activities proposed by the Hotel are interactive. We had the possibility of trimming, harvesting and performing all of the vineyrad tasks and observing at the time of harvest the production of olive oil also produced at Club Tapiz.



We also rode horses; hiked and wandered around under the trees of the Andes. These are activities to be done in Mendoza during the day; and then to return to the Hotel to relax.

Nights were dedicated to sharing experiences in wine tasting or to enjoying a cuisine lesson.

Club Tapiz has got 11 rooms classically decorated, with wooden classic floors. Each room has got air conditioning, free wi-fi and cable tv, in addition to one of the most impressive views of the mountain range of the Andes.

Find below the Fact Sheet with more details about the Hotel. And as you already know, should you need further information about this activity proposed you may contact your Kallpa Personal Account’s Officer.



kallpa gourmet fervor restaurant

In our July special Kallpa Gourmet Fervor Restaurant is the star.


“Fervor” has special mysticism. It is as if we were entering in a small-sized Buenos Aires, a world of dreams where you may feel its BA’s soul. When you visit Fervor you are having a true encounter with the Argentinian flavor. It is like embracing one of the best restaurants in its style in Buenos Aires and taking a picture with the true grill gastronomy where meat and seafood create the ideal environment to enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner.

kallpa-gourmet-fervor-restaurant-2Without any doubt “Fervor Brasas de Campo y mar” [Fervor, Embers of Countryside and Sea] is one of our best recommendations in the restaurants’ field in Buenos Aires. We have in several occasions received excellent comments from people who had the opportunity of eating there.

Among the qualities that make the place to stand out we can mention its staff service, always helpful and willing to provide a special and professional care, and the quality and presentation of its plates.



We suggest trying the skirt steak, meat or seafood barbecue, which are very tasty and are the most highlighted plates, highly applauded and praised.


Fervor is located on 1519 Posadas (Posadas Street and Callao Avenue) at the Recoleta” neighborhood of Buenos Aires only some meters away from its emblematic cemetery. By the way, the name of the neighborhood comes from the Order of the Recoletos, barefoot monks who arrived in this area, then the outskirts

The menu of Fervor is very varied and the price of a complete menu per person is USD 67.

We are not only committed to organizing an authentic trip but also to pleasing a good palate.

You can find information in the Fact Sheet or simply contacting your personal Kallpa Executive.