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The Argentine Experience Iguazú

A unique and different culinary experience in Iguazú, inspiring and willing to enrich travellers experience by showing and tasting our gastronomy.


The Argentine Experience slogan is “Argentine culture, international perspective” and it truly represents it based upon a dinner party concept that involves teaching about Argentine culture and cooking, eating, wine tasting and having fun in the company of other guests from all over the world.

The idea behind this exclusive culinary service is to offer a different and original experience: the guest not only goes out to dinner but also gets to understand the local culture and gastronomy. The Argentine Experience proposes to maximize a trip to Argentina with good food, local knowledge, fun and interaction with other people in a relaxed atmosphere.

The Argentine Experience announces their opening in Puerto Iguazú from November onwards, so everybody that goes visit the Iguazú Falls will get to participate of this fun and unique event on this new location. 

Located in the downtown of Puerto Iguazú, the restaurant’s aesthetic will be very similar to the one in Buenos Aires, with a rustic and elegant style and design details such as wood and stone combinations, providing a warm and inviting environment.


The original menu has been planned by Irish chef Edward Holloway and the experience is divided in different stages in between dishes and entertainment. After a welcome cocktail and snack, there is a cooking demostration where dinner guests will learn to prepare and close their own empanadas using the repulgue technique. Then, enjoy a typical Argentine picada with grilled provoleta cheese, sliced chorizo sausage and pork flank steak. The main course is a 250 g tenderloin that has been dried cured for 24 hs and mashed potatoes. For the sweet taste, the classic and regional queso y dulce and the evening will end making alfajores, our national treat.

Specially selected wines are chosen to enhance the dining experience, including a Torrontés from Salta and a Blend and a Malbec from Valle de Uco in Mendoza.


Besides the delicious dishes, the highlights of the evening include the most creative empanada contest, a cultural introduction to Argentine hand gestures and a lesson about history and etiquette of mate tea.

There is no doubt that by the end of the soirée guests to The Argentine Experience will not only be satisfied but also have huge smiles on their faces after having such a great time and learning everything there is to know about our culture and culinary traditions.

For more information about this experience, please contact your Kallpa Account Executive.


  • Bookings should be requested in advance.
  • From Monday to Saturday (guided in English and Portuguese simultaneously).
  • Dinner starts at 7:30 pm and ends approximately at 10.30 pm. 
  • Max. 42 guests.
  • Any dietary restrictions should be previously notified.
  • Vegetarian, pescetarian and celiac menu options are available upon request.
  • Transfers are not included.

Cooking Class in a Chef’s Private House

Share your travel experience back home delighting your loved-ones with traditional Argentine dishes learnt at a professional Chef’s house.

In the porteño neighborhood of Palermo, a Chef and his girlfriend -a young couple specialized in culinary tourism- open their own home’s doors to tell you all about Argentina’s cooking & eating culture and teach you some traditional recipes that you will be able to recreate back home.

The class is pleasant and relaxed, in a private and intimate environment. The idea is to have a good time whilst drinking wine, learning about our country’s culinary customs, cooking and eating.

The cooking class begins!
The cooking class begins!

On this experience, you will meet other travelers and cooking apprentices and have fun exchanging facts and personal impressions of your visit to Buenos Aires. Sharing with the home´s local owners and also with other people will enrich your stay.

Learn how to prepare the dishes using the freshest ingredients and, after the class, enjoy them paired with specially selected Argentine fine wines. The menu includes: traditional empanadas from scratch -dough and all- with two different fillings and cooking techniques. Llajua, a typical northern spicy sauce used for empanadas. Flan, a classic inherited dessert traditionally served with dulce de leche, a sticky, sweet, caramelized milk and sugar sauce that you will also learn to prepare. During the class, you will try three different wines from three different wine-making regions of our country: Salta, Mendoza and Patagonia.

FIlling and finished Empanadas.
FIlling and finished Empanadas.

Once the class is finished and the food is ready, buen provecho (bon appetite) and let’s eat!

Bon appetit!
Bon appetit!


  • Half day regular shared excursion.
  • When: Tuesday & Thursday 6:00 to 9:00 pm; Saturday 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.
  • Where: Palermo, Buenos Aires.
  • Pax requirements: from 2 up to 9 people.
  • Private lessons available upon request.
  • Classes are given in English.
  • Any dietary restrictions should be previously advised.


  • Cooking class, ingredients and cookware.
  • Three course dinner after class.
  • Wine tasting during the class.


  • Transfers from and to hotel.

Open fire cooking class in Mendoza

Imagine yourself by the fire, surrounded by the vineyards, a glass of Malbec in your hand and learning the secret tricks of a local Chef to cook Argentinean specialties and taste them afterwards.

At Finca Adalgisa in Mendoza, Chef Cristina Brino teaches how to prepare local traditional dishes that can be easily made at home.

index04_Cooking Class fire

Using only fresh products, some of which are cultivated and recently harvested at the Finca´s own garden, Cristina prepares a three course dinner in a clay oven or on an open fire. You may participate in the preparation or just look and taste.

Cooking Class empanadas 3

The cooking class starts with the typical clay oven meat empanadas, learning to make the dough and the stuffing. Then, moving along to the open fire, we will prepare the main course: a rib eye steak with fresh chimichurri -an Argentinian sauce based on Arauco olive oil- and grilled vegetables. Last but not least, caramelized fruit in the clay oven as a dessert.

Cooking Demostration

No need to worry: all the dishes can be made at home in a conventional kitchen and with fresh products that may be found in any place of the world.

Cooking Class main course

Enjoy the experience with a Finca Adalgisa Malbec, share a warm conversation with Chef Cristina and take back home an apron as a reminder of this special cooking class in Mendoza.



  • When: From October to May, any day of the week at 7 pm upon request (depending on Chef´s availability).
  • Where: Finca Adalgisa, Mendoza
  • Pax requirements: from 2 up to 8 people
  • Any dietary restrictions should be previously advised.


  • Cooking class, ingredients and cookware.
  • Three course dinner after class.
  • Wine and water throughout the whole experience.
  • Gift amenities.


  • Transfers from and to other hotels.

Having lunch at the sommelier’s house

Originally this tour is known as: “EATING WITH THE ENEMY”, and although the name it’s a little unorthodox, there´s a very interesting story in it. Having lunch at the sommelier’s house is a new highlight in Mendoza.


The thing is that Alejandro Vigil is a wine expert at Catena Zapata Winery, one of the most prestigious wineries in Argentina, and he indulged himself by introducing his own wine:”El Enemigo” made together with Laura, youngest daughter of Ernesto Catena. From its very first impression the name speaks for itself and plays opposite to the other wineries that want to link wine to friendship. However, “El Enemigo” the name given to this wine, has conquered the market due to its antagonism.

lunch-at-the-somelier-house-1Maybe that’s not the picture we have in mind about what happens behind closed doors at Catena Zapata Winery, but that’s the way Alejandro Vigil is and he understands his work that way because he puts the same passion into the grapevines and into the bottles and now into his own restaurant “Casa del Enemigo”(House of the Enemy), where his guests can savour an exquisite local cuisine and its “emblem wine”.

He talks about “making extreme wines”, about the quality of the vines and about the people who work in the vineyards. In Kallpa we share the same passion about trips and wine and we bring it to our guests while searching for innovation in our programmes.

lunch-at-the-somelier-house-3It´s an interesting offer. They come and pick us up at the hotel to take us to Alejandro Vigil´s family refuge known as “Casa del Enemigo” to delight us with an exquisite “asado”(barbecue) with gourmet salads and grilled vegetables. We’ll also meet Alejandro and his wife Maria who’ll invite us into his family home to share with us some anecdotes, stories and all their passion for wine as well as treat us with internationally prized wines.

Tell your guests to come and we’ll all live together “the wine” in a different way full of colourful hues and experiences from the hands of one of the best wine experts in the world.


Lunch with “El Enemigo” (lunch with the enemy):
Outstanding criollo “asado” with salads and grilled vegetables along with the seven labels of “El Enemigo”.

Minimum pax requirements: 2

The service includes:

Round-trip transportation to and from the winery
Wine tasting “Gran Enemigo” experience
Lunch with wines included

Not included

Extra wine tastings
Tour around the winery is subject to availability