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Greet & Eat at Home

Good homemade food, hospitality and fun await on this unique culinary experience where local Families open their homes to travelers seeking for a closer and more personal encounter with the Argentine culture and lifestyle.


Argentineans are social by nature. We love talking, laughing, cooking and -of course- eating. And we also like sharing and meeting new people.
In Buenos Aires City and in Tigre Delta islands too, local Families welcome travelers from around the world for a good time, a cultural exchange and a meal with typical dishes made at home and shared with their loved ones.

You are probably curious about the menu. Well, it will depend on the family! The whole country and -above all- Buenos Aires represents a mixed culture that comes from everywhere but mainly from Spain and Italy, and this is visibly present in our gastronomy.


Maybe a picada for starters, a snack of diverse cold cuts and cheeses, which is very typical before the classic asado. Grilled meats are a passion for us and we can make a barbecue out of anything: cow, pork, chicken, fish…always joined by fresh salads, salsa criolla and chimichurri sauce. Empanadas, our traditional small meat pie but that can also have different fillings such as ham and cheese, vegetables, cheese and onions…Pasta dishes or homemade pizza, we are fans of the Italian food. Or maybe one of our inherited stews like locro (made with corn, vegetables and meat) or guiso de lentejas (made with lentils, vegetables and chorizo). Dessert is always a must and you may try flan with dulce de leche, an alfajor, the classic vigilante (a piece of soft cheese and one of quince or sweet potato cheese) or just seasonal fruits. Of course, we can’t forget about the wine…you will surely enjoy a fine Argentine wine with your meal.
The dish options are many, plentiful and all very tasty, no matter which home you get the chance to visit.


This experience will not only teach you about Argentina´s culinary culture and traditions but will make you feel at home in the company of a loving Family enjoying a memorable homemade meal. As we say, panza llena corazón contento: a filled belly makes a happy heart!


Please contact your Kallpa Tour Account Executive for more information and rates for this experience.



  • Family homes are assigned upon availability and guest capacity.
  • Menu will depend on the family assigned.
  • Transfers are not included.
  • Any dietary restriction should be previously notified.

Cooking Class in a Chef’s Private House

Share your travel experience back home delighting your loved-ones with traditional Argentine dishes learnt at a professional Chef’s house.

In the porteño neighborhood of Palermo, a Chef and his girlfriend -a young couple specialized in culinary tourism- open their own home’s doors to tell you all about Argentina’s cooking & eating culture and teach you some traditional recipes that you will be able to recreate back home.

The class is pleasant and relaxed, in a private and intimate environment. The idea is to have a good time whilst drinking wine, learning about our country’s culinary customs, cooking and eating.

The cooking class begins!
The cooking class begins!

On this experience, you will meet other travelers and cooking apprentices and have fun exchanging facts and personal impressions of your visit to Buenos Aires. Sharing with the home´s local owners and also with other people will enrich your stay.

Learn how to prepare the dishes using the freshest ingredients and, after the class, enjoy them paired with specially selected Argentine fine wines. The menu includes: traditional empanadas from scratch -dough and all- with two different fillings and cooking techniques. Llajua, a typical northern spicy sauce used for empanadas. Flan, a classic inherited dessert traditionally served with dulce de leche, a sticky, sweet, caramelized milk and sugar sauce that you will also learn to prepare. During the class, you will try three different wines from three different wine-making regions of our country: Salta, Mendoza and Patagonia.

FIlling and finished Empanadas.
FIlling and finished Empanadas.

Once the class is finished and the food is ready, buen provecho (bon appetite) and let’s eat!

Bon appetit!
Bon appetit!


  • Half day regular shared excursion.
  • When: Tuesday & Thursday 6:00 to 9:00 pm; Saturday 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.
  • Where: Palermo, Buenos Aires.
  • Pax requirements: from 2 up to 9 people.
  • Private lessons available upon request.
  • Classes are given in English.
  • Any dietary restrictions should be previously advised.


  • Cooking class, ingredients and cookware.
  • Three course dinner after class.
  • Wine tasting during the class.


  • Transfers from and to hotel.

Open fire cooking class in Mendoza

Imagine yourself by the fire, surrounded by the vineyards, a glass of Malbec in your hand and learning the secret tricks of a local Chef to cook Argentinean specialties and taste them afterwards.

At Finca Adalgisa in Mendoza, Chef Cristina Brino teaches how to prepare local traditional dishes that can be easily made at home.

index04_Cooking Class fire

Using only fresh products, some of which are cultivated and recently harvested at the Finca´s own garden, Cristina prepares a three course dinner in a clay oven or on an open fire. You may participate in the preparation or just look and taste.

Cooking Class empanadas 3

The cooking class starts with the typical clay oven meat empanadas, learning to make the dough and the stuffing. Then, moving along to the open fire, we will prepare the main course: a rib eye steak with fresh chimichurri -an Argentinian sauce based on Arauco olive oil- and grilled vegetables. Last but not least, caramelized fruit in the clay oven as a dessert.

Cooking Demostration

No need to worry: all the dishes can be made at home in a conventional kitchen and with fresh products that may be found in any place of the world.

Cooking Class main course

Enjoy the experience with a Finca Adalgisa Malbec, share a warm conversation with Chef Cristina and take back home an apron as a reminder of this special cooking class in Mendoza.



  • When: From October to May, any day of the week at 7 pm upon request (depending on Chef´s availability).
  • Where: Finca Adalgisa, Mendoza
  • Pax requirements: from 2 up to 8 people
  • Any dietary restrictions should be previously advised.


  • Cooking class, ingredients and cookware.
  • Three course dinner after class.
  • Wine and water throughout the whole experience.
  • Gift amenities.


  • Transfers from and to other hotels.

Buenos Aires 360 degrees Immersion

You already visited our city. You need to go deeper. Feel the Buenos Aires 360 degrees immersion.

You already had contact with locals, experienced our great gastronomy, probably went to an Estancia in the countryside or enjoyed a great Tango Show.  Now what is left is to  experience Buenos Aires from the top of some buildings, taste our flavours in selected cafes and venues (including breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea) and get a different view of this cosmopolitan city from the River. That’s the experience you’ll have in this Buenos Aires 360 degrees Immersion. Keep reading and you will  know why we love this outing!

During this “unique” Buenos Aires 360 degrees immersion we learnt more about Buenos Aires, its spirit, its mystique and its charm. A way to go back in time and discover a different and  unforgettable city.

Buenos Aires 360 degrees immersion

So we are ready to start the tour: We meet our guide and after a small introduction talk we begin to walk along the renowned Avenida De Mayo until we reach Café Tortoni, this famous Notable Bar epitomizes the “porteño café”, Little is known about its origins. Just that a French immigrant named Touan decided to open it at the end of 1858, and name it after an establishment on Boulevard des Italiens in Paris where the elites of the Parisian culture used to meet. Time seems to have stood still like in an old photograph, when people used to come here to play billiards, cards, or just to share a coffee with friends. Here, we stop for a typical porteño-style breakfast.

buenos aires 360 degrees immersionAfter having coffee we walked three blocks along Avenida De Mayo up to Plaza de Mayo where we are  able to see monuments and buildings related to our history. The surroundings  show us the Cabildo( old town hall), the Cathedral and the Casa Rosada (or Government House as it is popularly known).

buenos aires 360 degrees immersionWe continue on our trip walking along  Roque Saenz Peña Avenue where we can enjoy a direct view of the Obelisk, and find ourselves just one block from the pedestrian Florida Street and half a block from the Guemes Gallery (arcade). This beautiful gallery built in Art Nouveau over spectacular passages, has a viewpoint on the 14th floor, where you can see the tops of the wonderful domes of Buenos Aires. This building used to be  considered  one of the skyscrapers of the city at the beginning of the 20th century with its 87 meters in height. From the 14th floor were able to take amazing pictures of the city.

buenos aires 360 degrees immersionWe walked down four blocks along Reconquista Street to go to a private restaurant, the Club Aleman (German Club) located in a building situated on Corrientes and Alem Avenues where we’ll have lunch. This restaurant has, unquestionably, the best panoramic view of Buenos Aires. It gives you a nearly 360° degree view of the city scenery.

buenos aires 360 degrees immersion

Just a few blocks away is Puerto Madero: We walked four blocks along Corrientes Avenue until we reached  Puerto Madero and then up to the Juana Manuela Gorriti dam. We walked past the Buenos Aires city harbor´s attractions, such as the Bridge of Women (Puente de la Mujer). And on our return, we walked past the Cossetini and Pierina Dealessi dams, and then visited a Havanna Coffee-Shop, a trade mark famous for its coffee and “alfajores”, and also past the Amalia De Fortabat Art Collection Museum. This museum´s main collection is about  Argentine artists ranging from the 19th Century up to the present days.

buenos aires 360 degrees immersion

Finally we found ourselves passing by the Pierina Dealessi dam, Then we walked up to the river in Puerto Madero. where  we took an enjoyable  Boat ride. We were able to see the City of Buenos Aires from the water as we sailed the Rió de la Plata while having great panoramic views.

It is important to know that this is a full day and small basis tour (max. 6 pax). The tickets to the Guemes and Fortabat Galleries are included. The breakfast at the Tortoni Cafe, Lunch at the Club Alemán (German Club) and the snack at Havanna Coffee Shop, the transfers and the navigation through De La Plata River are also included.

If you are a true traveler you’ll want to take this tour and take a great experience back home with you. If you are interested in this or more experiences in Buenos Aires, you can contact your Account Executive to enlighten your trips to Buenos Aires.

Also try the navigation through La Plata River to visit Tigre and Delta


Minimun Pax Requirements: 2


  • Transfers
  • Breakfast at Tortoni Cafe
  • Entrance at Guemes Gallery
  • Lunch at Club Aleman Restaurante (German Club Restaurant)
  • Entrance to Amalia Fortabat Gallery
  • Snack at Havanna Coffee Shop
  • Navigation through La Plata River


All that is not mentioned as included.