Full day trekking in Cuesta del Obispo

A hike where nature, culture and history combine for those active and adventurous travellers looking for an unforgettable experience in Northern Argentina.

Almost 100 km from the city of Salta you will find the Cuesta del Obispo, a zig-zag and steep stretch of the provincial route 33. The slope ascends from Chicoana and ends at Piedra del Molino.

13304998_1136079386412083_8083225599731586320_oThe adventure begins anyday at 7 am and takes the whole day. Leaving Salta in southern direction, you will pass by Cerrillos and El Carril towns, turning West towards Chicoana until Quebrada de Escoipe. On the way, you will be able to see diverse species of cacti and a colorful and rocky landscape.


After the two-hour trip, at paraje Margarita the group will take a local bus ascending through Cuesta del Obispo,  reaching the access to the National Park Los Cardones. The hike begins here, descending through Valle Encantado (Enchanted Valley), a natural sanctuary for the Salteños. Following a red dirt path surrounded by exuberant vegetation and multicolor rocks, the walk will provide an extraordinary scenery of natural colours and strange shapes sculpted on the rock through the years by rain and wind. It is said that walking through this path is like walking on the clouds, since there is a pond between high meadows and red rock formations where the clouds almost touch the ground.

13243814_1136079183078770_1918898142597125966_oOne of the main attractions of this descent are the cave paintings that you will see entering a private plot, ancient traces of the Incaic culture that will remind you that this was once an Inca trail. On the way, you might also spot majestic Condors flying in their natural habitat.

Nature, history and culture combine in this hike. The highlights are definitely the incredible and colorful scenery above the clouds and the breathtaking views of Cuesta del Obispo whilst exploring Los Cardones.

index04_obispoThe hike is about 17,4 km long, mainly descending, and takes up to 6 hours. It is advisable for people in good health, with minimal ability to walk on rocky and irregular paths.


  • Min. 2 Pax required. Bookings with one week of anticipation.
  • When: Everyday at 7 am (transfer from hotel)
  • Level of Challenge: Medium/High
  • Recommended Season: All year long, except during summer rains.
  • Duration of the activity: Full day, 11 hours including transfer and hike (4-6 hours).
  • Length of the Trek:  17,4 km
  • Starting Altitude: 2270 msnsm
  • Max Altitude Climbed:  3100 msnsm


  • Transfers from and to hotel.
  • Trekking poles.
  • Snacks and picnic lunch.
  • English speaking guide.
  • Insurance.


Birdwatching in El Calafate

Only 1 km away from El Calafate´s downtown and really close to the Argentino Lake lies the Laguna Nimez Ecological Reserve. Being one of the best urban reserves in Patagonia, this is an ideal place for birdwatching.

Laguna Nimez hides beautiful natural treasures: almost 80 bird species -permanent and migratory- show off at this lagoon, bragging on their beauty, diverse colors and flair. Besides the bird life, the reserve presents typical patagonic steppe vegetation, characterised for different short bushes, reed beds and meadows that blend perfectly with the fauna.


At dawn we met our guide at this patagonic bird sanctuary for a relaxed and instructive walk. For anyone curious about exploring a natural environment, this is certainly a contemplative stroll to appreciate, learn and get closer to nature,


Along the trail, we moved slowly and stopped at the panoramic spots to observe quietly the birds´ different feeding and nesting habits and also to discover the scrubs and reed beds where they rest around the lagoon. Learning about their behavior and characteristics helps to understand their relationship with the ecosystem.

Around the reserve, there are several explanatory signs about the flora and fauna that can be spotted in the area. Also, the guide helps to interpret and understand this natural environment using all the senses and paying attention to details all around.


This is how we were able to spot black-necked swans, groups of flamingos, upland geese, ducks, sparrowhawks, silvery grebes, lapwings, red-gartered coots, black-faced ibis and chimangos. But don’t forget that there almost 80 species all around!

Through the path we got to several panoramic viewpoints. At Argentino Lake´s lookout, the most amazing 360 degrees view showed us not only the lake itself but the whole reserve, the Isla Solitaria, the Andes and El Calafate city surrounded by mounts Huiliche and Calafate. A scene to remember!


The interpretive walk of the wetlands is about 3 km long and it takes approximately 2 hours. There is enough time for taking lots of pictures, observing the specimens, receiving the guide’s complete explanations and even to have a snack whilst enjoying the view of this delightful lagoon.


For anyone willing to make an incursion into the birding world or simply relax and enjoy the nature and its wonders, this experience sharpens the senses to discover scents, sounds and pictures in the environment, so that nothing is left unnoticed.

Don’t forget to contact your Kallpa Tour Executive for more information and exact rates for this birdwatching excursion.



  • Half day excursion.
  • Regular daily operation at 5:30 pm, starting at the Reserve.
  • For private excursion, min. 3 pax required and max. 10 pax (suggested).
  • No age limit.
  • No cancellation upon bad weather.
  • Occasionally, exceptional floods may difficult the access to the trails. If this should happen, the condition and accessibility to the reserve will be previously notified. If the excursion must be cancelled, 100% of the paid fee will be refunded or we may suggest to do it another day, as long as the passenger is available to do so and the if paths are in the right conditions.
  • Recommendations: dress in layers and wear comfortable and warm clothes, preferably a windbreaker or waterproof jacket for the exterior layer. Wear shoes suitable for walking and preferably waterproof. Bring sunglasses, sun lotion and a hat or cap, extra warming clothes just in case and a bottle of water.


  • Bilingual English/Spanish specialized guide at the Reserve.
  • Binoculars and telescope for borrowing.
  • Snack (tea, coffee or mate with some cookies).
  • Entrance fee to the reserve.


  • International/domestic flights.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Personal expenses.
  • Transfer from and to hotel (upon request).


  • 48 hs in advance, free of charge.
  • 24 hs in advance, 50% of the fee will be refunded per person.
  • Less than 24 hs in advance, 100% of the fee will be charged.


A walk among Penguins

There are few Magellanic Penguins colonies in Patagonia and one of them – the only one in Tierra del Fuego – can be found close to the oldest estancia in this province.

This full day adventure begins at Ushuaia´s town pier, where we board a board and head southeast to discover the Beagle Channel and finally arrive to Estancia Harberton, located 90 km away from the city.

Beagle Channel cruise observing Sea Lion colony, Ushuaia, Tierra Del Fuego, Patagonia, Argentina
Sea Lions Island

The channel´s natural surrounding offers a mountainous landscape and a few islands that we can see from a short distance. On the way, we stop at the Birds´ Island where it is possible to spot a colony of imperial shags and other birds such as skuas, southern giant petrels and black-browed albatross. Next by, there´s the Sea Lions´ Island, where we can watch these big south american mammals relaxing one over the other.

The picture perfect moment takes place once we spot the famous Les Éclaireurs lighthouse,  also known as the lighthouse at the end of the world after the homonymous novel by Jules Verne. A curious fact: in the novel, the writer did not refer to this particular lighthouse but to the one located at the Isla de los Estados, the San Juan Salvamento.

Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse and cormorant colony on an island in the Beagle Channel, Ushuaia, Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina
Les Éclaireurs lighthouse

Finally we arrive at the pier in Estancia Harberton, which is the closest to Martillo Island. Here, we embark on a semi rigid boat to reach the penguin rookery and start the walk.

Since 1978, the estancia has been also a working natural reserve, covering over 50.000 acres of mountains, forests, lakes and islands. Martillo Island – which native name is Yécapasela – is on this territory and since 2009 has a growing colony of Magellanic and Gentoo Penguins and also rock Cormorants nesting on the cliffs to the south.

Estancia Harberton
Estancia Harberton

This island is a great habitat for these species since there are very few predators in the area, abundant food and the ground and vegetation provide adequate shelter for their nests. Every year the penguins start arriving early in October for the the annual breeding and raising season, and then leave around late March to begin their usual migration northward for more than 6 months in the sea.


By agreement, only 80 persons per day are allowed to walk on a designated trail among the Magellanic Penguins in this island, joined by a specialized guide that teaches about their habits and behavior. Today, we are one of those lucky people to walk for an hour among these curious birds and learn about them. It is a magic experience to be so close to these animals, free in their natural habitat.


Once the time for joining the penguins is up, we sail back to the estancia for lunch (not included) and also a visit to the Acatushún Museum, where a collection of over 2700 marine mammals and 2300 birds skeletons can be appreciated.

About around 3.30 pm we begin our way back to Ushuaia but this time on a minibus, driving through the Provincial Route J and the National Route 3, making a few stops on the way to see the iconic flag trees.

As the day ends and we approach thepenguins-at-martillo-island city, it is amazing to think that only a couple of hours ago we were so close to nature and one of the most loveable and funny birds ever. A once in a lifetime experience, only in Ushuaia, Argentina.

Please contact a Kallpa Tour Executive for more information about this and other tours available.


  • Daily operation from December 12th 2016 to March 31st 2017.
  • Departs at 9 am from Ushuaia´s town pier. Returns by bus at 3.30 pm and arrival at 5 pm.
  • Full day shared excursion with other guests.
  • Requested group size 8, max. 20 guests.
  • Not suitable for disabled people.


  • Beagle Channel navigation, walk in penguin rookery and return by bus to Ushuaia.
  • Entrance fee to the estancia.
  • Bilingual English/Spanish guide.
  • Port tax.


  • International/domestic flights.
  • Transfers to and from hotel to the pier.
  • Lunch and beverages.


  • Full refund in case of bad weather conditions or any other factor that exceeds the pax.
  • 48 hs in advance, 10% administrative cost.
  • Between 48 and 24 hs in advance, 50% penalty.
  • Within 24 hs, no refund.


The Argentine Experience Iguazú

A unique and different culinary experience in Iguazú, inspiring and willing to enrich travellers experience by showing and tasting our gastronomy.


The Argentine Experience slogan is “Argentine culture, international perspective” and it truly represents it based upon a dinner party concept that involves teaching about Argentine culture and cooking, eating, wine tasting and having fun in the company of other guests from all over the world.

The idea behind this exclusive culinary service is to offer a different and original experience: the guest not only goes out to dinner but also gets to understand the local culture and gastronomy. The Argentine Experience proposes to maximize a trip to Argentina with good food, local knowledge, fun and interaction with other people in a relaxed atmosphere.

The Argentine Experience announces their opening in Puerto Iguazú from November onwards, so everybody that goes visit the Iguazú Falls will get to participate of this fun and unique event on this new location. 

Located in the downtown of Puerto Iguazú, the restaurant’s aesthetic will be very similar to the one in Buenos Aires, with a rustic and elegant style and design details such as wood and stone combinations, providing a warm and inviting environment.


The original menu has been planned by Irish chef Edward Holloway and the experience is divided in different stages in between dishes and entertainment. After a welcome cocktail and snack, there is a cooking demostration where dinner guests will learn to prepare and close their own empanadas using the repulgue technique. Then, enjoy a typical Argentine picada with grilled provoleta cheese, sliced chorizo sausage and pork flank steak. The main course is a 250 g tenderloin that has been dried cured for 24 hs and mashed potatoes. For the sweet taste, the classic and regional queso y dulce and the evening will end making alfajores, our national treat.

Specially selected wines are chosen to enhance the dining experience, including a Torrontés from Salta and a Blend and a Malbec from Valle de Uco in Mendoza.


Besides the delicious dishes, the highlights of the evening include the most creative empanada contest, a cultural introduction to Argentine hand gestures and a lesson about history and etiquette of mate tea.

There is no doubt that by the end of the soirée guests to The Argentine Experience will not only be satisfied but also have huge smiles on their faces after having such a great time and learning everything there is to know about our culture and culinary traditions.

For more information about this experience, please contact your Kallpa Account Executive.


  • The Argentine Experience in Iguazú opens on November 7th 2016.
  • Bookings should be requested in advance.
  • From Moday to Saturday (Monday to Saturday available in English. Saturday only in Portuguese).
  • Dinner starts at 7:30 pm and ends approximately at 11:15 pm. 
  • Max. 28 guests.
  • Any dietary restrictions should be previously notified.
  • Vegetarian, pescetarian and celiac menu options are available upon request.
  • Transfers are not included.
  • Also available: The Wine Cocktail Experience, starting at 6:15 pm. Includes a lesson to learn to make three wine-based cocktails and a selection of homemade tapas chosen to perfectly complement each and every drink.

Greet & Eat at Home

Good homemade food, hospitality and fun await on this unique culinary experience where local Families open their homes to travelers seeking for a closer and more personal encounter with the Argentine culture and lifestyle.


Argentineans are social by nature. We love talking, laughing, cooking and -of course- eating. And we also like sharing and meeting new people.
In Buenos Aires City and in Tigre Delta islands too, local Families welcome travelers from around the world for a good time, a cultural exchange and a meal with typical dishes made at home and shared with their loved ones.

You are probably curious about the menu. Well, it will depend on the family! The whole country and -above all- Buenos Aires represents a mixed culture that comes from everywhere but mainly from Spain and Italy, and this is visibly present in our gastronomy.


Maybe a picada for starters, a snack of diverse cold cuts and cheeses, which is very typical before the classic asado. Grilled meats are a passion for us and we can make a barbecue out of anything: cow, pork, chicken, fish…always joined by fresh salads, salsa criolla and chimichurri sauce. Empanadas, our traditional small meat pie but that can also have different fillings such as ham and cheese, vegetables, cheese and onions…Pasta dishes or homemade pizza, we are fans of the Italian food. Or maybe one of our inherited stews like locro (made with corn, vegetables and meat) or guiso de lentejas (made with lentils, vegetables and chorizo). Dessert is always a must and you may try flan with dulce de leche, an alfajor, the classic vigilante (a piece of soft cheese and one of quince or sweet potato cheese) or just seasonal fruits. Of course, we can’t forget about the wine…you will surely enjoy a fine Argentine wine with your meal.
The dish options are many, plentiful and all very tasty, no matter which home you get the chance to visit.


This experience will not only teach you about Argentina´s culinary culture and traditions but will make you feel at home in the company of a loving Family enjoying a memorable homemade meal. As we say, panza llena corazón contento: a filled belly makes a happy heart!


Please contact your Kallpa Tour Account Executive for more information and rates for this experience.



  • Family homes are assigned upon availability and guest capacity.
  • Menu will depend on the family assigned.
  • Transfers are not included.
  • Any dietary restriction should be previously notified.