Rainforest experience Chacra del Agua

Birdwatching, mountain biking, trekking & kayaking are some of the experiences you can have when traveling to El Soberbio to visit the Mocona Waterfalls. Several hotel accommodations offer a lot of activities and Chacra del Agua is one of the best options. They are a part of an awarded conservation program by the Secretary of Tourism for the preservation of the rainforest. The location is great. The rainforest experience Chacra del Agua is really worth sharing.

rainforest-experience-chacra-del-agua-4A private initiative with the purpose of preserving and displaying the remains of the “paranaense” rainforest and located 32 kms away from Saltos de Moconá is one of the main purposes of the Rainforest experience at Chacra del Agua (Mocona Waterfalls) at the entrance to the Yaboti Reservation which is protected by the UNESCO.

rainforest-experience-chacra-del-agua-2For a couple of days we stayed in one of the cabins that is a part of this “home lodge” as they call Chacra del Agua. The cabins were built using native wood and the design is an example of the traditional architectural style you will find in Misiones Province which combines German techniques from the XIX century with a strong influence from the Brazilian lifestyle. The cabins were built 1 meter above the ground and are separated 40 meters from each other, for privacy which is one of the main purposes. They are also perfect to enjoy the rainforest in absolute tranquility. Each cabin has a unique and distinctive view. You can gain access to your cabin by taking the wooden footbridge which communicates the cabins with the main building where breakfast and dinner is served. There you can enjoy a relaxing time sharing experiences with the owners Sebastian and Mariana, enjoying a glass of good wine and relaxed talk while they cook. It is really nice being able to share the table with them and other travelers who are staying there.

No tv’s in the rooms and no internet access, Only the quietness and the smell of the rainforest inviting us to relax and disconnect ourselves from the outside world.

rainforest-experience-chacra-del-agua-1 rainforest-experience-chacra-del-aguaWe enjoy the activities of Chacra del Agua during the day, There are several options such as mountain bike and trekking through the 2.5 km of trails found in the Chacra, One of the most exciting activities was kayaking through the Uruguay river on seat-on-top kayaks. Sebastian, who is also the guide for this experience, took us to remote locations at the entrance of the Yabotí Reservation (Yabotí means turtle in guarani language) guiding us and explaining the environment and the importance of preserving the natural reserve. Sebastian is also a professional photographer, you’ll see him capturing moments with his camera during the activity so travelers can take them back home. The activity takes between 2 and 3 hours. This is the time they’ve estimated for us to enjoy a personalised and unique experience; the good thing about the proposed activities is that they can be adapted to the needs and requests of the travelers, regardless of any earlier experiences they could have had with kayaking.

As Chacra del Agua is immersed in the jungle it offers a unique scenery for bird watching and photography. From all the cabins, trails and meadows you will be able to enjoy the biodiversity of the paranaense rainforest.

rainforest-experience-chacra-del-agua-5There is also a pool where you can enjoy a relaxing time reading, while seating on the deck, or refreshing yourself when the weather is hot.

If your travelers are looking for a unique experience to connect with the rainforest, enjoy great activities and be close to Mocona Waterfalls, then Chacra del Agua is a must. You can also contact our Account executives and they will provide some more information about experiences to enlighten your trips. Do not hesitate to ask!

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Self guided bike tour Colonia del Sacramento

We are travelers, we love visiting cultural places and be able to do active tourism, get a bike and pedal around towns or cities to get the most of them. One of these experiences took us to Uruguay. We got our bikes, embarked them on the ferry and enjoyed a Self guided bike tour Colonia del Sacramento.

Let’s talk about the Self Guided Bike Tour Colonia del Sacramento. This is a great option to get to know the city. We rented our bikes in Buenos Aires, the bikes were delivered to our hotel and we pedaled from the hotel to the pier where the ferry was set to leave for Colonia. They asked us to remove the front wheel so they can accommodate the bikes in the hold of the ferry.

After sailing for half an hour we arrived in Colonia del Sacramento. We disembarked and got our bikes back to start our trip. We visited the famous Calle de los Suspiros (Street of Sighs), the historic district passing through the Citadel Door, the light house, the governor’s house as we pedaled along the coast amazed by the contrast between the white sands and the brownish color of the water of the river. We also saw the outside of the Bullfighting Arena, and the port.

Colonia del Sacramento has a lot of contrasts that are highlights to discover. It is a great place to take pictures. The contrast between the historic place and the local architecture. If you want to have a cup of tea in a vintage wagon we suggest you pay a visit to the Railway Museum and Cultural Space.

Another place you should visit, which has great trails to ride on a bike, is the Ferrando Park (Parque Ferrando) located at the entrance of the city, 1 kilometer away from the downtown area where you will find great examples of the local flora and fauna.

Discover this and more ways to enjoy bike tours in Colonia and in many other places around Argentina. If you need more assistance please contact one of our Account Executives and they will be happy to help you make the best of your trips or keep surfing our website and discover all you can do when traveling to Argentina.

Patagonian Estancia & Safari Experience El Calafate

We are heading to El Calafate. We’ve heard about a brand new experience and we had to do it. A product combining a tour in a Four Wheel Drive Car, a photo safari and the opportunity to enjoy the most relaxing time in an authentic Patagonian Estancia. So let us tell you about this fantastic Patagonian Estancia & Safari Experience El Calafate.

brand new safari experience El CalafateWe had breakfast and sit waiting in the lobby enjoying the views of the Argentinian Lake. Those who had the chance to stay in El Calafate for a few days will agree with us that the colour of the water is awesome. We were picked up at 9:00 am. If you want to do the tour during the afternoon there is an option at 4:00 pm.

brand new safari experience El Calafate Brand new Safari Experience El CalafateIt was a great way to break away from the glaciers and do something a little different in Calafate. We enjoyed the great views and 4×4 experience while exploring this beautiful estancia. It was great to see some wild animals, birds and local plants and learn more about their history and origin.

The tour has five stops. The first one at an antique stone post where the first family of the Estancia, the Villalbas used to live. A brief explanation about the Patagonian Estancias, the first inhabitants, the first days of El Calafate and the 25 de Mayo Estancia managed by the Villalba Family and the acquisition by the new owners the Aristizabal family.

brand new safari experience El Calafate brand new safari experience El Calafate

We continue our tour til we reach La Sección (The Section), an authentic Estancia Post settled in the patagonian inmensity. Here we have the second stop where we can watch the fauna at the 25 de Mayo hill. Here we took our cameras and the binoculars and telescopes provided by the tour guides and started taking photos and watching the landscapes and fauna of this amazing site.

The third stop takes place to watch the fauna. After leaving the vehicle our group gets together to get closer to the herds of Guanacos (a South American specie of the camel). Back into our vehicles and after a four kilometers drive we reach our fourth stop to access the fossilized oysters site. Here we can admire the amazing wall. The travelers will be able to understand about the geology, paleontology and history of this place, which once was covered by the sea.

Heading south we reach the Chilean border to get to the Centinela viewpoint, a hill at 1500 m.o.s.l. where we have magnificent views of the unending basalt walls of the Centinela Mount and the Baguales (mounts that mark the limit between Argentina and Chile in the south) here we do our fifth stop and enjoy the views.

brand new safari experience El Calafate

After a few hours we arrived at the house and enjoyed a great typical gaucho meal with some good  wines. It was excellent and being able to enjoy that meal and watch the beautiful landscape through the windows is one of the most highlights of this tour. Our guide was warm and friendly and provided great service. He really wanted to make sure we had a good experience… and we did.

For those curious about the history, the land and the people that settled it…and who want to see another side of the overwhelming beauty of Patagonia, We would highly recommend this activity. experience in the countryside we suggest you a visit to Nibepo Aike


Minimun pax requirements: 1


  • Entry fee for the Estancia 25 de Mayo Natural Reserve.
  • Safari in 4×4 vehicle with a Spanish/English bilingual guide.
  • Passengers’ pick-up and drop-off at El Calafate hotels.
  • Lunch or dinner with beverage (water & wine).
  • Available during the safari: binoculars, telescope, tripod, guide of birds. Comments:
  • Regular departures guaranteed with no requirements of a minimum number of passengers.
  • Maximum: 12 passengers in regular departures.
  • Transfers in Land Rover (6 passengers per vehicle).
  • Fares subject to changes. In case of change, the fares of the reservations already confirmed will be kept.
  • Clothing and accessories: comfortable clothing is recommended for walking as well as warm clothing suitable for the Patagonian varied climate; trekking shoes or shoes with appropriate soles, comfortable trousers, several layers of warm clothes (shirt, polar, warm jacket), hat or cap, sun protection, sunglasses.
  • Other accessories: If you take photos, consider taking charged batteries and/or a battery replacement and enough memory devices, as there will be no opportunity to recharge batteries. If you have binoculars, it is worth bringing them.
  • Toilets available at “La Sección” site.
  • Total circuit: 40 km (26 miles). Duration: 5 h. to 5:30 h.


  • Home made breads
  • Stew
  • Sweets and Cheese
  • Argentine Wines
  • Soft Drinks